Fun in the Winter Sun {Ordinary Moments Week 3 – 18/1/15}

What a lovely idea to document each week as I can’t believe we are closer to the end of January than the beginning, this month is flying by! We’ve had a family filled weekend, and made the most of the winter sun. There’s something really special about being outside all wrapped up snug as a bug, but with the sun beaming down on you. Must be a British thing and without a doubt one of the reasons I love living here

As I type this, my lovely labrador is snoring her head off next to me while I sip on my hot chocolate reflecting on the week gone by

The hubster and I have come to the conclusion that we most certainly want a Center Parcs holiday at some point within the next 12-18 months max. After 3 weeks of swimming at different swimming pools we have confirmed that Center parks have ruined ‘normal’ swimming pools for us. Their swimming pool is out of this world! I am so excited about our impending trip to Florida but am a little sad we didn’t book a small break there this year
On Friday J and I went to her first swimming lesson in a few months and then made a quick dash to town to see the lovely Sara for a coffee (ra-ra as J calls her!) followed by dinner at ours with Chrischelle, mmm tacos!
Saturday we had decided to go for a walk down Victoria Country Park and to feed the ducks, as I was desperate to get the DSLR out. We had awoken to frosty ground and it makes for beautiful photos, but alas, the rain came as I went to head out, so we stopped in at mum and dads and they came along with us.

My favourite photo of the day

IMG_0237 IMG_0243 IMG_0247 IMG_0253 IMG_0256 IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0270 IMG_0282

After a morning swimming on Sunday and rather a long nap (Mummy and J!) We decided the best course of action for the late afternoon was to go for a walk whilst the roast beef was cooking to burn off some energy (unfortunately someone forgot to put the meat in!)
Again, some beautiful photos of the sun, and even a little robin on a fence. I always seem to see a robin when out and about on a walk. J has figured out how Lexi suddenly becomes her best friend…walk with the ball on the flicker and not let her have it! Cue fits of giggles and a slightly wound up dog!

Once home I frantically started doing dinner, conscious of bed time, and J decided it would be appropriate to strip naked and ‘have a bath’ in her baby’s bath, before running around the house and jumping on her inflatable cow. What is it with children and their desire to be naked? Back to work tomorrow, and another countdown to Friday

IMG_0314 IMG_0324 IMG_0326 IMG_0328 IMG_0332 IMG_0341 IMG_0350

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