Hampshire Culture-All Pass

I found out at the beginning of January through the powers of social media that the Hampshire Culture All Pass was being cancelled. There was very little notice and a lot of disgruntled Culture All Pass members who were due renewals throughout 2015 and not afforded the opportunity to continue their passes upon expiry.

I was lucky to have had one of these passes in 2014. It was much loved and used throughout the year and we were hoping to renew this year. The pass allowed entry to the following locations and much more:

–          Manor Farm Country Park

–          Staunton Country Park

–          Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Parking at:

–          Royal Victoria Country Park

–          Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Plus much more! these are just the locations I used frequently!

I visited each of these locations with my pass and/or parking permit throughout 2014. It enabled my family, daughter and dog to visit the Hampshire Attractions, see our fabulous country parks and participate in an active lifestyle. Whilst there we would purchase feed for the animals, coffees and occasionally the on site café cakes!

Without this pass I very much doubt we would have visited these locations as there are many other options available in the area for a very similar and reasonable price, for example Marwell Wildlife Park and Longleat.

The Culture-All Pass made it affordable for families throughout the year and utilised our valuable country parks.

I have signed the below petition, as I genuinely believe that they will lose a lot of custom throughout the years. I am also of the opinion that this opposes the active lifestyle approach many of us as parents are trying to encourage our children to have in this growing world of technology.

If you believe that families should still benefit from the ability to purchase this pass, even if they were to release it again at a slightly increased cost, please sign the petition below.


I have included some of the photos of our adventures to the above locations in 2014 to show just how much fun we have had with the pass!

Ornamental Flowers at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, I love this shot!
Lexi with a ‘small stick’ at Manor Farm
J feeding the sheep at Staunton Country Park
the hubster, me and j at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens
Me and J feeding the goats at Staunton Country Park
The hubster, J and Lexi at Royal Victoria Country Park
J and her stick at Manor Farm Country Park
Peek-a-boo at Manor Farm
Flowers at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Thanks for reading!

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