Marshmallow Man {Ordinary Moments Week 5 – 2/2/15}

I LOVE frozen. The songs the setting the characters the lot! I’m a grown woman but every time I watch it I cant help myself from singing along and just feeling the disney magic that I did when I was a kid. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and a regular playlist in Cooks Cabin

Mine and the hubsters favourites is Olaf, and J’s is toddler Anna. Or so we thought…

Over the past few weeks, every time we have watched Frozen J has grabbed the remote and given it to us asking for ‘one more mar-mo please’ J’s word for marshmallow

I forward the film to the exact marshmallow snowman scene – and she sits there transfixed! Upon finishing the scene she asks for it again and again and again!

He’s not exactly the friendliest of characters either but she loves him! If we had a VCR I’m sure the tape would be worn by now

So having had enough of watching the marshmallow man scene instead of the whole film, we set of on a Cooks Cabin adventure to the shops to purchase icing pens and marshmallows to make our own, friendlier, marshmallow man!

Marshmallow from Frozen
Putting marshmallow together
Perhaps enjoying the icing pens a little too much!
Putting together a work of art
The finished product xx

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