Winter Walkers February 2015

In 2009 Cooks Cabin and a very good friend decided that overall, dog walking in the winter months was not the most fun, particularly with the elements. We decided that making it a social activity would encourage us to see more of our countryside and have a longer walk out – something many people avoid in the winter months.

Following this, a Winter Walkers group was born via social media and has 45 members through word of mouth and work colleagues. Every month, no matter what the weather we went for a walk, with the best walk having 14 dogs and their owners attend!

However, with a difficult pregnancy and the arrival of the ladybug in Cooks Cabin the walks slowly ceased.

Since returning to work in late 2013, I had many enquiries about a relaunch of Winter Walkers and I am glad to say it is alive and kicking for 2015 with the first walk on Sunday 1st February down Manor Farm Country Park

A few ‘facts about the walk’

  • 6 dogs, our lovely Lexi and her pals Poppy, Archie, Molly, Victor and Inca
  • 10 dog owners, 3 non dog owners and 3 kiddies
  • Approx. 9k steps walked which equates to approximately 5km walked
  • Several hot chocolates and tea and cake at the cafe pit stop
  • No bog (this is a big thing for anyone who has been on a Winter Walkers with the hubster! however there was a muddy section of one of the paths, much to my mother-in-law’s dismay!
  • A very crisp, cold, Winter Walkers but no rain! Hurrah!

Considering how long it had been since the last Winter Walkers, it was amazing to see such a good turnout.

We have had requests for a Winter Walkers to be held in West Wittering so sounds like an awesome plan for March!

Most of the group in one shot
This was so cute! j holding hands with a fellow toddler on the walk
just a spot of wildlife photography!
Some of the dogs having a swim in the very chilly river
The ‘muddy path’

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