Glasses! {Ordinary Moments Week 6 – 8/2/15}

It has been a very big week in Cooks Cabin, J got her first pair of glasses. It was expected, I am very short sighted and the hubster is very long sighted (we actually hoped they would somehow cancel each other out!) and he had to have a patch when younger so J was automatically enrolled for an eye test. With her left eye being next to useless it seems, she was prescribed super high +8.25 and +6.25 powers!

There’s apparently some clever science behind it all, which to be honest I haven’t quite understood yet, but from what I gather is in the early years every few months her eyes should come down a line or so. With the extent of her bad eyesight, we are pretty sure that she will be in glasses for the rest of her life, but the aim is to lower it as much as possible whilst her eyes are developing

Of course, with Peppa Pig being the most favourite and coolest thing for a 2 year old there was no other choice but to let her choose the Peppa Pig glasses, purple ones, just like mummy

All I can say is thank god the NHS glasses aren’t like when I was a child, so many more frame options and thin lenses (much needed!)

She looks adorable but is a little reluctant to wear them, so any suggestions will be gratefully received!

On the way home from the eye hospital
With daddy at his work after collecting her glasses, everyone in his office put theirs on too, so cute!
Reading with nanny
Not the best picture in the world (I had the flash off) but on Sunday morning

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