I do like to be beside the seaside

I have said it before, we are incredibly fortunate to live on the south coast. The sea is no more than a 10-15 minute drive from where we live though we do like to go a little further afield and make it an adventure

One of my favourite places to go is West Wittering, it is stunning and one of the most beautiful beaches in the South. We generally spend a couple of weekends every summer there and it is such a child friendly place. One of the best things about it is you can spend all day on the beach and then move to the grassy car park area and finish the day off with a couple of ball games and a BBQ

Last weekend Cooks Cabin decided to go for a walk with our Labrador to West Wittering. It was a little cold (really really cold!!!) for stripping off and swimming, or ball games and a BBQ for that matter. The East head (National Trust) part allows dogs all year round so it’s a brilliant place to let your dogs run about and play in the sea in a safe environment

J and Lexi had a great time running around and playing fetch, and it was so nice to let them roam around the beach without fear of vehicles or other hazards. In amongst the sand dunes it was actually so warm you could mistake it for a mild spring day. The walk was followed by a car picnic with a home made flask of hot chocolates, just what was needed to heat us up!

We also decided to venture to Lee-on-the-Solent on the Sunday, another drive away but with a promenade to allow J to practise her scooter skills and play at the beach park. It was a lot warmer on the Sunday and several layers and hats were not needed.

I just love the sea, the beach and sunsets and would recommend West Wittering to any family who wants a day by the sea

I love watching the relationship grow and strengthen between these two, Lexi is still a bit unsure of J but loves being out with her
J and the hubster down at West Wittering
A slightly unconventional family shot
Climbing the sand dunes


walking down the beach
My two favourite people


She’s getting really fast on her scooter
Beachy wintery sunsets are beautiful
Fun on the slide
Shes been learning how to walk with her head up on a balance beam at gym club
Stones in the water


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