Paultons Park {Ordinary Moments Week 7 – 16/2/15}

After what seems like an eternity it finally happened…Paultons Park opened it’s doors for 2015! Since our last visit in October 2014 J has literally become obsessed with everything Peppa Pig, which is fortunate because Paultons Park is home to Peppa Pig World and we are lucky enough to have season tickets

I won’t lie, I was quite excited about going and spent the morning and journey there hyping J up, much to the hubsters dismay! There’s also something pretty cool about heading there for the day, packing a picnic bag and having lunch on their grassy wildlife areas in amongst the theme park (although we came prepared for this, it was a little too cold and damp and instead we opted to eat in the cafe)

Since our last visit J has grown considerably – she’s well above the 900mm minimum requirement for the ‘bigger rides’ and both her and the hubster went on the tall big rubber ring slide. I’m not brave enough to let her on the pirate ship ride yet, she’s still so young though the hubster is becoming more determined with every centimetre she grows!

Post lunch we decided to take a walk round the older part of the park, and it turns out they are performing a refurb to one of my favourite and their oldest parts of the park – the rabbit ride! (I went on this when I was a toddler and managed to recreate the picture in 2014 with J!) This will be known as the Lost Kingdom as of Spring 2016, I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops though am a little sad it’s no longer there

Peppa Pig world reminds me a little of the Disney parks, there’s music everywhere you go and so much thought has been put into the characters and attractions. Your little one even gets to meet and greet Peppa and George although the hubster didn’t want to queue and J watched from afar (Peppa was nice enough to let her touch her nose!) If you get the opportunity it is definitely a ‘to-do’ with a young child who loves Peppa Pig

J loved going on Grandpa Pig’s boat ride and Daddy Pig’s car ride, though if I’m to be honest, the indoor play park and the Victorian Carousel simply rocked her world

Overall, it was a lovely family day out and I look forward to more trips between now and May

A lovely photo of J and the hubster on the Victorian Carousel
Mummy and J on Grandpa Pigs boat ride
They are second from the left. On finishing the hubster was met with ‘one more’
Slightly blurry family selfie in Daddy Pig’s car, it’s blurred but I just love this shot
Pancakes at Peppa’s house
J touching Peppas nose

2 thoughts on “Paultons Park {Ordinary Moments Week 7 – 16/2/15}

  1. sherrylyne

    It’s not been too bad each time we have been in the winter. I would recommend a weekday to be sure. Each time we have gone in the summer we spent a bit of time in Peppa Pig World then went to the older part of the park. It’s crazy how Peppa obsessed they become xx


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