Lent and Pancakes

People have probably had enough of them now but I LOVE pancakes! So I was very excited to be eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. My favourite? Well it simply has to be lemon, treacle and Neapolitan Ice Cream. Nom nom nom. Now I know you think it sounds weird, all I can say is it should be on your list of things to try, you won’t regret it

I do like “just plain” pancakes with lemon on it, I’m not a complete sugar monster, although there is something which takes me right back to my childhood when having ice cream in my pancakes

We eat later on a Tuesday night because I have external commitments, so we decided to introduce J to pancakes last Sunday for breakfast. She had maple syrup and lemon, and decided that instead of eating the pancake (which she wasn’t actually keen on) it was much better to take the lemon and dip it into the maple syrup before sucking at the lemon. My lovely little weird one!

This Shrove Tuesday we had friends round for a pancake dinner and to talk about this year’s lent plans. In previous years we have done “try something new every day” and one year we even gave up TV for lent (this worked very well, we went out and tried loads of new activities!… It also resulted in J arriving some 9 months later so we opted out of doing the same this year for fear of a repeat scenario)

We like to do something a little different which involves activity or a change and I managed to convince my friend CW to give up bread (from a loaf and rolls, I’m still having wraps and pizza!). I also convinced the hubster and CW to achieve 10,000 steps a day, every day, throughout lent. We have a £1 bet on so there’s something at stake

Although it doesn’t sound that hard I do love bread, I eat far too much toast and have sandwiches on an almost daily basis, and I do not walk nearly enough steps as my day job is predominantly desk based. I had to have my favourite – cheese and beetroot sandwiches – before Tuesday was out. Another weird one you say? Again, you simply have to try it, it’s lovely, pickled beetroot and cheese, yum!

Day 1 of Lent saw the hubster taking J and the dog (who is 6 today! Happy birthday Lexi!) out for a 30 minute power walk at 7am before dropping her off to nursery. This is almost unheard of in Cooks Cabin since the mornings are usually spent running around manically due to the nursery and work run. He also managed a lunchtime power walk of 45 minutes thus pushing him over 10K post lunch, beating me I must add

My day was not as successful and being in a 4 hour meeting did not help, however with a power walk on a late lunch I achieved 7K by the end of the working day and looked forward to a lovely walk with my Lexi in the evening

I’ll be providing an update each ten days to keep track of how we all got on. I am hopeful that by the end of lent we will have a more active lifestyle and a thinner waistline…here’s hoping


J and her lemon / maple syrup combination
Mmmmmmmm pancake with lemon juice, treacle and ice cream!
Today’s steps, the aerobic ones are during the power walking!



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