Lent is not my friend, bread is! {Ordinary Moments Week 8 – 23/2/15}

So this year I decided to give up bread for lent and walk 10,000 steps every day as I had become rather lazy. I have achieved the steps every day so far (pacing up and down my hall and through the downstairs of my house some nights to complete them!)

My overall goal is to be fitter and happier to enable me to be a better mum to J. I’m very competitive so if I set myself a target then I’ll be sure to be sticking to it. I have a fitbug orb which lets me track my steps through their app which is a great motivator and have been sending screen shots to CW who is also participating


You can tell when lent started can't you?
You can tell when lent started can’t you?

Unfortunately J has been feeling somewhat under the weather and we have been a bit restricted other than some family days out on Thursday and Saturday. The hubster had been itching to get her on the big rides now she is over 90cm in height so this was planned in, 7.5K steps easily done

Having a lovely time with Daddy
Having a lovely time with Daddy

I have not been beaten on the bread front, yet! It’s amazing how this one thing suddenly becomes so integral to your life when you choose not to have it. It is most certainly one of the hardest things I’ve given up so far

I went out for the day with J last week, and went to get a hot dog and chips to share. Literally as I went to place my order I realised one of the fundamental elements of a hot dog is a roll (I have my moments of madness!) and instead stopped myself, got confused and ended up ordering chicken nuggets in a bit of a fluster. J dislikes chicken nuggets, I’m not so keen, so our lunch was effectively a teeny portion of chips

Lent-1 Sherry-0 – not my brightest moment


On Saturday night I went to pull the bread from the cupboard for a quick dinner, oops, nope, not tonight sunshine

Lent-2 Sherry-0


I decided to mix up the dumbbells with my power walk and exercise on Monday, bit of toning never hurt anyone!
I decided to mix it up on Monday by using dumbbells with my stepping exercise. I may as well tone too!


Sunday we had organised afternoon tea at ours with home made scones and cake for a friends birthday. I was sooooo looking forward to some yummy egg sandwiches when I was reminded that I was doing lent – thank you to the hubster for that!

Lent-3 Hubster-1 Sherry-0 (you can see how this is going to end up huh?)


Monday night, tonight, we had pasta and homemade sauce with garlic bread, although I didn’t have the garlic bread, again the hubster reminded me that I’m on lent…hmmm

Lent-4 Hubster-2 Sherry-0 (I’m not doing very well in remembering I’m not allowed to eat bread)


Monday's steps
Monday night’s steps



On the plus side, my stomach is a lot flatter and I feel much better and awake from the 10K steps challenge. It will be ‘proper’ exercise post lent and hopefully back to a jog… the challenge continues in Cooks Cabin


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