Everything but the Domestic Goddess

This is a bit of a wordy post but needs to be done, it’s been quite therapeutic writing this!

The hubster will testify to this, I am a bit of a hoarder and I am a little untidy, okay, quite untidy…

I spent my childhood having my lovely mum clean up after me every day and tidy my room etc. but I would say it’s left a bit of a lasting effect. Over the years, I have become someone who ends up doing a full house blitz because my home has become cluttered and nothing has ‘it’s place’

I do worry that J will end up similar to me now so over the course of 2015, before J is 3 I plan to declutter and rebalance the house and general lifestyle in Cooks Cabin

I also want to be more organised in terms of food, housework and shopping. This is the year of change!

Here is my plan…

1. Go through and empty my storage boxes

Ikea is brilliant, and having one on the South Coast is fantastic as it’s a short drive away. It is also dangerous having one so close, we went a bit mad with the EXPEDIT range when we moved into our first place (now known as KELLAX) and every upstairs room now contains one. We even replaced my wardrobe (aka floordrobe) with one and each box in our bedroom has tops, trousers etc. These boxes are great, but I am guilty of chucking stuff in there during a mad tidy or to sort ‘for later’ or ‘for when I lose a bit more weight’

These boxes need to be emptied and we need to have spaces rather than black boxes where a space should be for flowers, or books, or an ornament, heck, even somewhere to put a cup of coffee! It also means that once I finish my weight loss journey I’ll actually be buying nice new clothes (shh don’t tell the hubster)

2. Once a month declutter a room

First on the list for March is my kitchen. One of my biggest pet hates is stuff on top of units, I don’t know why, I just feel that the room is smaller because of it. Sadly I’ve fallen into my own pet hate. Although my kitchen is a decent size, I don’t actually have much cupboard space. In our previous house we had even less space but made good use of external units had a rail for mugs and knives and this freed up valuable space within the cupbaords. I am also guilty of buying things that ‘I might need’ or something random which is specific to a recipie that I’ve made once and never since because it was such a faff

These really need to go

3. Redecorate

Now this is not directly related to hoarding and untidyness, though I believe that to want to keep my house decluttered and fresh, it needs a lick of paint to give me the oomph to do so. No big overhauls (I have a holiday to be paying for) but a lick of paint certainly brightens the place up. Paint each room if required once declutter completed

4. Get rid of shoes

Oh my goodness, I actually typed that! Pre J, I was a firm size 2 in footwear (Cheap shoes yes, but I did struggle trying to find ones which didn’t contain flashing lights!)

This has since changed and I am somwehere between a 2 and a 3. I spent years building up a suitable range of footwear, particularly court shoes and pumps as ones which my feet dont ‘slip out of’ as it’s really hard to find and buy them. These shoes are now stuffed in several locations throughout the house hoping that one day I’ll fit back into them, which we simply know won’t happen as I’ve purchased more footwear to accommodate my larger feet

5. Agree to disagree

The hubster is an all or nothing person. I find this infuriating at times as he has to have everything 110% perfect when on a mission to keep on top of it. Whilst we are polar opposites we need to meet in the middle, and I really ought to support him and get rid of my unused and unread magazines and he needs to agree that we are never going to live in a show home as long as we have a toddler

I can sense I may struggle to fully achieve this one

6. Sort through J’s toys and craft box

The plastic, the plastic…all the plastic! It’s everywhere! We are guilty of purchasing ‘bitty’ things, a mini Peppa pig playground set with 15 pieces, a tea set with 20 pieces and so on. I need to consolidate them all and arrange them into separate storage so it stays together. Same as the hundred crayons and paper in her craft box. I could even use her shoeboxes for storing these items (yes I saved those too…)

7. Shred / Burn all unnecessary paperwork

I recognise if post needs my attention for filing away, then I put it in a drawer and forget I need it. I’ve started taking photos of all important appointments as I know I’ll misplace the paperwork and won’t delete off my phone. (One of my brighter ideas!) Then I keep the paperwork just in case. I need to stop this, rid of paperwork that’s not essential!

8. Organise a dinner menu

Taken from a couple of lovely blogs including http://youbabymemummy.com I plan on using the lovely pad I purchased over Christmas for food menus for the week ahead. This WILL be the key to my weight loss success

9. Clear my garden

We tried growing vegetables in plant pots, compost bags and so on last year. There’s also stuff left outside from last summer which should have come indoors…yes, I even left a pair of shoes in my back garden after the ice bucket challenge and forgot about them, oops, that was in August

I particularly dislike my garden, it’s stoney, full of oak leaves from the trees backing onto it and it’s just a mess. I want it cleared and tidy for the summer

10. Teach J to become involved in house tidying and clearing her mess up

Currently this doesn’t appear to be too much of an uphill struggle, she’s a bit of a neat freak, and a little OCD with marks/stains on her clothes (cue J on the verge of a meltdown and desperately trying to whip her clothes off and her taking them to the washing machine to put on, I nearly had purple washed with whites today)

I want her to continue to develop the neatness that I lack, and will try making toy tidying a game over the coming months

Hopefully this will bring harmony to Cooks Cabin, or arguments. I’m hoping for harmony…

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