Shopping for me (well, that was the intention)

I don’t know when it happened, but whenever I go shopping for me I either end up coming back with nothing for me and all for J, or half of my shopping haul ends up being for J!

After spending the morning having my hair highlighted whilst the hubster looked after J, I decided to drag him into town while she napped so I could go shopping (lucky fella he is eh? Sorry Mr Cook!) I am in need of some additional work items with the fast approaching ‘full time hours’ and thought this would be an appropriate time to go

Today’s shop ended up with 3 tops, 1 pair of jeans and 2 dresses, though they were age 4, not adult sized. As soon as we got home she whipped her trousers off ready to try her new jeans on, and put her yellow top on with it. Yellow is the colour of the moment in Cooks Cabin, it rocks her world!

I love H&M kids wear, I find it’s good value for money, and it’s quirky. I like going to Next (have just purchased her 2 pairs of shoes, thank you online shopping discount!) and I’m actually really excited that she is nearly able to fit into Fat Face clothes much to the hubsters dismay (I am a big fan of Fat Face)

My question is, when will I start to shop properly for me again? Or am I destined to always buy kids clothes because they’re cute, cool and such a bargain???

T-shirt Dress, Long Sleeved Anchor Top and Floral Dress (H&M) and Blue/Floral Dress and Legging set (Next)
J in her yellow top and Jeans (she got baked beans on them so in the wash after 1 hour of wear!)

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