A weekend of birthdays and family {Ordinary Moments Week 10 – 10/3/15}

I have been a little late in recording this week’s Ordinary Moments as it’s been very busy in Cooks Cabin. This coming weekend I am flying to the states for business, returning the following Saturday. It will be the longest I’ll have been away from my family, I’m going to miss my ladybug so much. We then team that up with my move to full-time hours and we are all over the place…

With all of the above in mind we entered the weekend hoping to have family time and had made very few plans. On Saturday we popped in to see my sister, dad and J’s great grandparents who are still going strong in their late 70’s / early 80’s. Every time we see them they recite tales of their youth and how things have changed. I really must take some photos of J with them next time we go round as I don’t actually think we have any of them with her so far

The madness known as “multiple birthday parties” started on Sunday as we had 2 to attend at the same time. I can sense that trying to coordinate weekends when J is older will be interesting!

My cousin’s little girl L turned 1 and our friend’s little girl E turned 2. Both parties were different but great, L’s was a quiet family affair with a small cake and party games, and E’s was a hall with a bouncy castle and a whopping Peppa Pig cake. As they were both being held at the same time and 15 miles apart we stayed at each for just over an hour before dashing off to the other one.

J has been singing “Happy Birthday to You” over and over since the weekend, it is incredibly cute but is becoming a bit repetitive bless her

I didn’t take many photos this weekend which is unusual, though here’s one of J trying to “help” me wrap





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