A Different Sort of Mothers Day {Ordinary Moments Week 12 – 22/3/15}

This years’  Mothers Day I spent in New York in the morning and flying to Puerto Rico in the afternoon whilst the hubster and my ladybug were at home in the U.K.

I was quite emotional waking in the morning because it was my first Mothers Day away from my little lady and I felt guilty for leaving her (a little jet lag probably helped with the emotions!)

I managed to get a message to my mum first thing in the morning and a FaceTime with the family before I headed up the Empire State to view New York. The saying that it’s the city that never sleeps is not true, in fact it sleeps at 7am on a Sunday morning – there was no one about!

The hubster detailed his weekend’s adventures via a couple of emails and there was a heartwarming post on Facebook to me from my lovely two to make sure I knew I was being missed on the Sunday with a picture of them to make me smile


At lunchtime we checked out of the hotel and it was a case of so long New York, Puerto Rico here we come and so a trip to JFK ensued. We flew to Puerto Rico at 4pm and arrived some 4.5 hours later due to runway issues. As soon as we arrived and collected our luggage we met with our other colleagues and climbed into our taxi to the south of the island.

The heat just hit you coming out of the airport – it was approximately 23C in the evening and I was in a thick jumper and jeans combo following my Manhattan adventures! I was met with some laughter at the size of my luggage (I don’t travel often, so when I do I like to have absolutely everything with me…it’s the mum in me of course!)

Jet lag and 13 miles of walking in 24 hours caught up with me and I fell asleep leaning on my hand face down in the car. The arrival at the hotel was some 1.5 hours later and after some difficulty checking in I finally unloaded in my room and went to the bar for some dinner and a Cuba Libre (very nice I must add) before returning to my room for the night

I hadn’t noticed the beautiful flowers on the side in my room were marked for my attention, or that there was a cake and some writing on a plate saying Happy Mothers Day until I was ready to climb into bed. I also hadn’t noticed a card attached to the flowers until looking at them in detail after returning from dinner. It transpired that my lovely hubster had arranged flowers for me for my arrival in Puerto Rico and the concierge had delivered them to my room and also arranged for the cake

I was unbelievably emotional at seeing these, and burst into tears on the phone to him. He had wanted for me to not feel so alone on such an important journey or time of year. I am one very lucky lady, and they were simply beautiful, I adore lilies and sunflowers, and more importantly I adore my family

My hotel room in Puerto Rico. I took this photo as soon as I entered the room before heading down for dinner conscious that it would be the tidiest the room would be during my stay! – I honestly did not notice these flowers were not part of the decor, I was so tired!
My beautiful flowers, I really am one lucky lady

One thought on “A Different Sort of Mothers Day {Ordinary Moments Week 12 – 22/3/15}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Oh what a thoughtful hubby you have- what a incredibly kind and loving thing to do. I most definitely would have cried too! xx


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