Cooking with the Ladybug

After being away from my family the whole of last week I was really looking forward to some one-on-one time with J. A lot has happened in Cooks Cabin, aside from my work trip I have moved to a full time role. A lot of thought went into this and I currently work a ‘late’ shift on Wednesdays to enable me to spend the mornings with J

This Wednesday we started as the hubster left for work with a bath and lots of morning snuggles. I decided that as it was beautiful and sunny it would be great to go out and enjoy the spring sunshine at the park with her. My lovely little ladybug seemed to oppose this idea and it was clear she wanted a day at home with me. So that’s what we did…

We played in the garden for a bit and she used her scooter, chalks and cosy coupe before I asked her if she wanted to join me in preparing lunch and dinner. I have learned very quickly that on a Wednesday evening I like to snack whilst concentrating, so to avoid the vending machine I opt for a healthy salad to pick at. As well as this the plan was to prepare a homemade chilli for my lunch break and family dinner, and tuna pasta for lunch at home for me and J

She loved the idea of helping mummy to cook so we got her stool and set about preparing the salad and chilli. J has her plastic cutlery and helps ‘chop’ the vegetables before stuffing them in her mouth! She must have eaten the equivalent of 1.5 peppers which is not unusual and I always bring more than I need to because of this. She then tried a radish, onion and spring onion and promptly spat them out, before settling for some cucumber sticks and the remainder of the peppers

At the side helping to ‘prepare’ vegetables

As I was preparing some more vegetables, a little hand went under my arm and wrapped round mine and J snuggled in close to me. She had been stood on her step next to me and without prompting just cuddled in. I stopped in my tracks with tears in my eyes not really knowing what to do, and I just wanted to bottle up that moment forever J is not normally a cuddly child, she is fiercely independent and often declines cuddles, so this was a real treat, and it is clear she is starting to understand and appreciate affection, and perhaps even missed me more than I thought!

Once the salad had been prepared and vegetables chopped, we then decided to finish the tuna pasta off. I asked if she could help put the sauce in and help me stir it, but I looked round and she had the giant wooden spoon in her mouth full of tuna pasta and sweetcorn. It was healthy and I didn’t really have the heart to tell her no! I count myself as being incredibly fortunate that I have a child who eats vegetables, loves pasta and tuna (her dad is not this way inclined!) and that J will often choose pasta over chips

Tuna Pasta Mayonnaise in her mouth

Finally, as the chilli was bubbling away we decided to make some Rice Krispie cakes to show her nanny and daddy in the evening. We didn’t have marshmallows or chocolate, so these were made with treacle and cake decorations. Again, another episode of a giant spoon in her mouth!

Rice Krispies time!

We finished the morning off with J sat on my lap, again snuggled in to me, watching Mr Maker on CBeebies, and some ideas which we may put in place for craft activities next Wednesday (I’m really not very good at craft, this is something my mum is much better at so I will be making an effort to improve these skills)

We also saw a quick and simple boat to make which we then set about doing and then blowing them across the floor of the kitchen which was great fun! It was such a simple day and completely stripped back, but these days are sometimes the best days. I love my girl x

Me and my girl

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