Easter Egg Hunt with Nanny Sharon

We weren’t quite sure what to expect for Easter for J this year as last year she was allowed very little chocolate and the year before she was a bubba

My mum had arranged for an Easter Egg Hunt with her on the Thursday she has her before Easter, though we had decided to drive to York and realised the weather was not going to be on our side, so mum and I decided to run the hunt on Wednesday morning

J and mum had spent the last couple of months preparing an Easter bonnet and a basket and J instinctively knew what to do, as soon as she had put it on she was out the door!


She was outside and picking the eggs up straight away!


The garden had been turned into an Easter Egg haven and J was quickly running round picking up all the plastic eggs she could find, not realising that she had a couple of presents alongside them. In fact, she was so fast I couldn’t get pictures of the garden itself!

My mum and dad are incredibly fortunate to have a huge garden and the hunt took 15-20 minutes before we returned indoors


Eggs in her playhouse


J had made the basket with nanny


Eggs even on the trampoline


When indoors we realised just how much time and effort mum had put into the Easter Egg Hunt and there was a lot to open! In each small egg there was a mini chocolate egg and in the presents there were Easter themed gifts and a couple of extras

J has been thoroughly spoilt by nanny and grandad and is a very fortunate and lucky girl. The Easter theme was great with the bonnet and basket she made (my mum kept all of the crafty ability and all I got was the ability to do maths!) I’m always envious and wowed of how much my mum is able to do, especially with J, as I always feel as though my craft attempts always end up like mush!


I witnessed J making this with nanny


J’s home decorated Easter Bonnet

I have seen the haul everyone else has got her and she is going to be eating chocolate for some time!

A great way to spend a Wednesday morning, thanks mum xx


There are only a few eggs there …


J’s main Eastet gift


With her haul at the end and her ‘smile’



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