Feeding the Ducks {Ordinary Moments Week 13 – 31/03/15}

I’ve been a little late in recording last week’s Ordinary Moments and thought I had missed the linky *sob* I still wanted to record it because it was such a nice activity so here goes…

On Tuesday of last week we decided that as the evenings are getting lighter and the weather is improving that it would be a crime to waste it indoors and instead the hubster, J and I took a trip to feed the ducks after nursery and work

We stopped by a local convenience store to purchase some brown bread and made our way down to the pond to feed the ducks

The rain stayed away though I managed to capture some moody shots with the clouds towering above the hubster and J absolutely loves feeding the ducks, although most of the time she’s quite happy eating the bread

This time the bread stayed out of her mouth, and instead there were moments where full slices went in for the ducks to fight over, cue lots of giggles from J!

It really was just a simple, ordinary evening, and now that the clocks have finally moved forwards I am really looking forward to more of the same with my little family

The sky looks so moody


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