Fun With Friends – York for Easter {Ordinary Moments Week 14 – 09/04/15}

For the past 4 years we’ve had a bit of an Easter tradition with our friends who live in York where we take it in turns to visit each other. It’s such a long journey and we all have small children so a 4 day break is the ideal opportunity to get together. In 2013 we managed to do a summer house swap which was ace and we got to see more of the local area while they saw the South Coast. Both adults know the hubster from school and I feel very lucky to have been welcomed and accepted into their longstanding friendship

They have recently had their third child and moved house so we opted to visit them this year as opposed to them coming to us. Normally the hubster and I would book a few days off work around Easter though this year we are very restricted on holiday due to having 3 weeks off later on in the year (eek! Very excited!) We set off at lunch time Thursday and made good progress until we hit the M1 – which seems to have never ending roadworks! Nonetheless we arrived at theirs at 7ish and J just instantly settled in with the children and went off to play

Once the children were finally in bed (way past J’s bedtime and theirs we heard) we sat down for the most epic lasagne cooked for us. I have to say, these guys are real foodies and the food served was delicious and plentiful!

Good Friday arrived and so did the rain! We opted to go to an indoor play park called Creepy Crawlies, which we are told has the best pizza in York. This was our second time at Creepy Crawlies and pizza we had once more…yum! It’s a great play park and has all abilities welcome, in the sun they have an outdoor petting and children’s play area though it was far too wet to go along to this! J whizzed round and quite often left everyone including her friends as she darted to go on the giant slide again

On the Friday afternoon I felt my throat getting scratchy and my nose runny, my present for Easter? A cold! Lots of medication and throat lozenges to protect my voice ensued. I lose my voice 2-3x a year so do everything I can to protect it when I have a cold

Saturday came with a visit to Piglets Adventure Park and an Easter Trail. We did this in 2014 with the family and J, and it was adorable watching them last year. This year it was amazing as J kept up with everyone, really interacted with all of the features and knew exactly what to do with the basket and Easter eggs! I love Piglets as it has a wide range of activities for children and is outdoors, which on a sunny day is fantastic

Easter Sunday arrived and I really wasn’t feeling very well so I spent a few hours in bed whilst the men took the children to the play park and food was prepared for us all. In the afternoon we had the most amazing lamb roast dinner (I LOVE lamb!) followed by a garden Easter egg hunt and some fun. We are a little envious of any grassy graden as ours is stoney and backs onto giant Oak trees which are a royal pain for dropping branches, acorns and leaves, so we really appreciate any opportunity to play in the sun in a nice garden

It was over too soon and we did have to head home first thing Monday morning which was a shame but allowed us the afternoon to settle back in Cooks Cabin. We have agreed to aim to meet up later on this year  for an overnight stop or two as it’s such a crime to leave it a whole year

Another happy Easter with friends who are as near as they could be to family

Playing in the sandpit
Off with the baskets for the Easter egg hunt
Scratching porky
Milking an artificial cow, she kept going back!
Love this shot of my ladybug
Petting the ponies
Easter Egg Hunt
I keep looking at this picture and wondering when my baby suddenly grew into a child!
My lovely little family
Lexi loved all of the attention


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