30 before I’m 30

Okay I admit it (reluctantly I must add) that I am 30 in less than 11 weeks – eek! Somehow my twenties have flown by, and as a teenager I remember reading magazines and thinking 30, whoa that’s old. And now I’m knocking on the door of it

I have achieved and gained a lot in the last 10 years, a beautiful daughter, loving husband and a loyal Labrador, met some fantastic life friends and qualified in my profession. However there is a significant gain that occurred in the last 10 years that I just cannot bear to have with me in my 30’s……and that’s weight

My ‘mum tum’ has lasted for 2 and a bit years and I can’t really use the excuse of being a new mum any more. I am a little over 2 and a half stone heavier than when I married the hubster in 2011 and by the time we reach our fifth wedding anniversary I would like to be on top of my health

I entered the New Year of 2015 with a plan in my head and wanting to lose 30lbs before my 30th birthday, but I dithered and let lifestyle take priority over my health and am 2lbs down on my new year goal overall. To be honest I don’t think I will achieve this by my birthday as it’s a bit late in the day so I’m going to aim for 30lbs as planned but will be pleased with anything between 20-30 as a loss and general health improvement is what I’m really after

I’m now signed up to a Slimming World group local to where I live, the person running it is so lovely and was there when I originally lost weight prior to my wedding. It’s going to take sheer determination, hard work and planning, and if anyone has suggestions on food ideas I would be most grateful (especially breakfasts on the run as they are hectic in our place!)

In addition to this I realised just how unfit I am and started the Couch to 5K app on Saturday. I’ll be back at the gym tonight to complete round 2 of this. I actually really like running, it helps clear my head and I get so much out of it. I used to be incredbly fortunate and be able to run 3 miles easily, but I really struggled to do the run break run break and am glad I have the app to help me out and stop me from injuring myself by trying to do too much at once

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week of progress with the below stats before the working week is out

  • Loss this week
  • Overall loss to date:
  • Highs of the previous week:
  • Lows of the previous week:
  • Food news:

Here’s to a happier, healthier Mrs Cook!

The 'Keep Calm' motto has been perhaps overworked a bit but I feel it's appropriate for how I am feeling!
The ‘Keep Calm’ motto has been perhaps overworked a bit but I feel it’s appropriate for how I am feeling!

10 thoughts on “30 before I’m 30

  1. mummydaddyme

    Good luck lovely! I did so well in my fitness mission last year but I have let it all slip this year a little bit- I have been back on the case the last couple of weeks though! x


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