Cooks Cabin the Beginning – Part 1

How we met and the early days

I was chatting to the hubster a couple of days ago and realised this summer we will have been together for 7 years, that has flown by! I wanted to record our first moments as a couple and the story behind Cooks Cabin

In May 2008 one of my friends was concerned she would never meet ‘Mr. Right’ as she was about to hit an age milestone, so we decided it would be fun to go Speed Dating. I went with the intention of meeting a couple of new people but not necessarily a long term relationship and certainly not marriage! I was about to turn 23 and was living the first year of single life since my late teens and had recently moved back home following a bad break up

The speed dating was aimed at 20’s and 30’s, all of the women appeared to be in their 20’s and the men 30’s. The doors shut and we were about to begin when they reluctantly let a twenty-something latecomer in. Little did I know that this latecomer was soon to become the love of my life and  dad to our beautiful ladybug and pupster

Prior to meeting the hubster at Speed Dating I ‘dated’ an older gentlemen (I kid you not, he must have been 40’s/50’s – no idea how he got through). He was wearing a patch and had just come from eye surgery. He advised he was a little nervous and had prepared something to read from, he pulled out an A4 piece of paper filled with information and proceeded to spend 4 minutes reading from it! I was a little shocked, this was the first ‘date’ of the evening and didn’t quite know what to expect for the rest of it..

Straight from meeting this guy (who I didn’t tick I must add!) my man came along (we always joke that he paid the guy before him to attend as he did so well following him for the evening!) Instead of the usual “what do you do for a living” and “where are you from” he asked if we could talk about favourites and fun things, and let the getting to know you part fall into place if we were to move on a second date which made perfect sense

We had quite a few things in common, our favourite colours are yellow, we love Mexican food and he was learning to surf – something I had wanted to learn (and still would like to learn!

We both ticked each other following the Speed Dating and met for a pizza (he had a roast dinner pizza, it was weird, even to this day I’m not sure if I could have another…) before deciding that upon my return from the Isle of Wight festival we would meet again for my 23rd birthday night out

The first ever photo of me and the hubster
The first ever photo of me and the hubster(disclaimer – pics are pulled form my Facebook account so not the best quality!)

It was soon apparent that we liked each other and decided to meet up a couple of times since. He invited me to meet his housemates at a roller disco event in town, something which was incredibly daunting, these were his peers and I couldn’t roller skate, but I made it through the night without any real mishaps!

It wasn’t the easiest ride at times, his living arrangements were a slightly unusual set up, we only saw each other for limited times on weekends, and once during the week, and his main housemate and I really didn’t see eye to eye, though the months of 2008 flew by and we were soon looking towards 2009

In early December he advised that he wanted to purchase a puppy at some point the following year. This was not something he had thought about lightly as he had been reading about it for several months and had approval from his then landlords

I was completely unaware that in 2009 things would get serious and a small puppy called Lexi would be the glue that stuck us together…

After I introduced him to my family at a wedding
After I introduced him to my family at a wedding
Monkeying around at a weekend away
Monkeying around at a weekend away
At a roller disco
At a roller disco

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