30 before I’m 30 – Week 1 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. You can read about my weight loss challenge here

I had a really good week and was pleased with the result on the scales. With 10 more weigh ins before my 30th I really am feeling determined to get as far as I can. Tomorrow night I will be completing my third run and finishing week 1 on the Couch to 5K app. It’s really keeping me energised and helping me to stay focused

I’m also signed up to Pretty Muddy with a few girls from work. It’s a new alternative to Race 4 Life and is a 5K obstacle course. The date is 18th July and I’m well… petrified! If they have monkey bars I will end up in a heap on the floor as I have no upper body strength whatsoever but it’s all for a good cause and even more of an excuse to lose the weight and get fit!

This week’s information:

Loss this week: 3lbs

Overall loss to date: 5lbs

Highs of the previous week: Sitting down on Sunday night with a bowl of grapes and melon whilst the hubster ate chocolate. One of my strong and proud moments

Lows of the previous week: Being round a friend’s house for a SW friendly dinner (thanks RH!). Following dinner watching the group (hubster included) munching through Lindt eggs and Cadbury’s Cream Eggs from their Easter haul (I had 4 mini ones for 6 syns whilst the group demolished the rest). I was reserved, but it didn’t stop me wanting more and being a bit grumbly on the inside – it’s for the greater cause!

Food news: I made a quick dinner on Monday night using the leftover lamb from our Sunday roast. I used a Jamie Oliver recipe; BBQ Lamb Burritos from the ‘Save With Jamie’ cookbook and the hubster and J inhaled it. I made an adaptation of it for me (minus the wrap for me and plain lamb as I had no syns left)

A quick breakdown of my dinner:

  • Chopped lamb (which had garlic and rosemary flavours from the day before
  • Chopped onion, peppers and tomatoes all lightly fried
  • Basmati rice with frozen spinach stirred in
  • I then decided that to save the meal from being too dry I would add a homemade condiment made up of fat free natural yogurt with some finely chopped mint from the garden

It was very nice and I would certainly recommend the rice as a boost to getting one of your 5 a day

Challenges for the week ahead: We are going out for the day to a theme park on Sunday with my mother-in-law. I am planning on taking a picnic and flask with me so I can have some control over what is packed and not and maybe some low syn goodies too

Here’s to another week (and hopefully another loss!) ahead

Sunday night snack
Sunday night snack
The hubsters and j's burritos (they look a bit like sushi don't they or is that just me?)
The hubsters and j’s burritos (they look a bit like sushi don’t they or is that just me?)
My burritos, minus the burrito wrap!
My burritos, minus the burrito wrap! Sorry it’s a bit blurred
Tuesday's lunch
Tuesday’s lunch

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