30 Before I’m 30 – Week 2 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. You can read about my weight loss challenge here

I had a good week, not the best I’ve had before, and the result on the scales reflected this. I now have 9 more weigh ins and am well into week 2 of my couch to 5K programme. I completed the longer runs on the app on Monday which I really enjoyed doing

This week’s information:

Loss this week: 1lb

Overall loss to date: 6lbs

Highs of the previous week: Knowing that I would struggle getting up on Monday morning following a busy weekend and utilising the time whilst my pasta was cooking for dinner by preparing my breakfast, a nice healthy salad, cous cous and vegetable crudités for the following day. I have also been able to comfortably do my trousers up for the first time in a month

Lows of the previous week: I exceeded my syns on Sunday night by having a Flake chocolate bar. Sometimes you have to fulfil the need, though it meant overall my weekly total of syns up to Sunday had blown the weekly allowance by 30. I cut right down on my syns for Monday and Tuesday before weigh in to try and even it out

Food news: I managed to convince the hubster to have steak on Friday night for dinner – a big thing in our house! He didn’t feel it would be something he would have regularly, but I’m chuffed I had steak…at home! I have also realised that I really need to purchase some food containers for transportation and picnics (I packed a rice dish for a picnic on Sunday in a cooking pan which I then wrapped up in clingfilm because I didn’t have any containers for it, much to the hubsters amusement!)

Challenges for the week ahead: The week ahead doesn’t pose too many issues and we have a relatively quiet weekend ahead however I need to keep motivated from a food perspective. My sweet tooth is kicking in at the moment and to ensure I don’t become bored of salads and lunches I need to identify some great foods to eat at work which will keep my interest

I would like another 1-2lbs loss this week so here we go again…


Last Wednesdays dinner for late shift and the family


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