Lexi the Dog {Ordinary Moments #17 – 26/4/15}

There is a member of our family who asks for very little, has no demands and yet still is full of love and excitement everytime we see her. That’s Lexi, our beautiful 6 year old Labrador. Lexi used to be the “baby” of the house, she was spoilt rotten and she would be walked for miles every weekend, in fact our social calendar revolved around her, and then in late 2012 something happened, J arrived

Lexi’s walks became a little less frequent, her sleep was disturbed and she had to put up with me at home full time (enough to finish someone off!) and a baby taking her limelight, yet she always sat by our feet for a snuggle, and would often sit next to J’s moses basket in the lounge to protect her

Over the last 2 and a half years J has developed a bond with Lexi that I really enjoy watching, she will throw the ball for her as many times as she wants, run after her and the ball in the park and insist on feeding her in the morning before we walk out the door

I am always very cautious of the two of them on their own and will never take any chances as I hear so many stories, but I am quietly confident and hopeful that my placid dog will remain. In real terms we probably have 6-8 years left with our dog, and to be honest I don’t think we’ll get another, it’s such a commitment and is so hard with full time work and a child, but I wouldn’t be without my little Lexi

As J has become more mobile and the evenings are lighter and longer we have managed a couple of trips out to the park as a family, rather than waiting for J to go to bed to walk Lexi. There’s been some ball throwing, running around and general silliness and of course, a couple of iPhone pics


One of my fave pics of the week
One of my fave pics of the week

IMG_0582 IMG_0584

5 thoughts on “Lexi the Dog {Ordinary Moments #17 – 26/4/15}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Aww she is a gorgeous dog. I would absolutely love a puppy, but as you said yourself they are such a big commitment and as we travel a lot, it’s just not something we would consider at the moment as much as I would love one. Maybe when both my girls are settled at school then it might be something we will look into. It’s lovely that they both have a bond- so sweet. x

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