30 Before I’m 30 – Week 5 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. My weight loss challenge is here

I have seriously kicked butt this week in terms of exercise and weight loss so you can imagine how upset I was when seeing the scales said I had put on 1lb!

I managed 2 visits to the gym, Saturday and Monday and have now finished week 3 on my Couch to 5K app. I love running and I have the most amazing sense of achievement once I have completed a session, even though it’s not a lot in comparison to what others can do

We also went to St Catherine’s hill in Winchester on Sunday for a family walk with the dog, a bike ride Sunday afternoon and even mowed the lawn!

Food wise, I’ve kept a diary of everything I’ve eaten and have been perfect aside from 1 meal which had chips. I’ve also upped my water intake following the body analysis the other week which said that I was dehydrated

I have 6 more weigh-ins before my 30th so here we go for this week…

This week’s information:

Loss this week: +1lb (seriously so annoyed with this, but it’s not stopping me)

Overall loss to date: 5.5lbs

Highs of the previous week: We had friends round on Saturday night for dinner and made a SW friendly dinner, lamb kofta, falafels, vegetable tagine and salad. It went down very well and we said we’d be eating it again. Getting back into the gym was also an achievement and exercise really does make my mood better

Lows of the previous week: Considering how on plan I’ve been and the exercise I’ve done, getting that result last night on the scales was cruddy and really upset me

Food news: I made a SW lasagne and the hubster enjoyed it, even though he was dubious beforehand. I’ve also been eating salad, couscous and chicken for lunches and will be continuing this week

Challenges for the week ahead: To keep upbeat and continue with the plan. it works, I know it works, so I need to trust that I will see the rewards next week on the scales (I better anyway!)

Here’s to another week and a loss… anything would be good, game on!

Monday's couchto5K completed
Monday’s couchto5K completed
lunch on Monday at work
lunch on Monday at work
My lovely Lexi at the top of St Catherine's Hill, who says dogs don't smile? ;)
My lovely Lexi at the top of St Catherine’s Hill, who says dogs don’t smile? 😉
Our Tagine, Falafels and Kofta
Our Tagine, Falafels and Kofta

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8 thoughts on “30 Before I’m 30 – Week 5 Weigh In

  1. Mirka Moore (@Fitness4mamas)

    Thanks for linking up #FitnessTuesday agian. Sorry you are so upset about actually putting on instead of losing, but have to agree with CalifornianmuminLondon. When I was training for my first marathon, I thought I would lose so much weight. And guess what? I did not at all, maybe 2 kg, but toned my body, and looked very different to pre my training. Don’t give up, next week will be different. I strongly believe you need to combine both good diet and exercising. Well done!


  2. booandmaddie

    Well done for your fantastic meal made for your friends, that looks amazing!! Don’t worry too much about the +1lb, it will either be extra muscle tone, or if you’re anything like me I’m a classic water retainer. My weight every month depends entirely on where I am in my cycle, I could eat nothing for days and gain up to 5lbs, or I can eat like an army of men and lose weight and it’s all do to with whichever phase of the month I’m in. It’s bizarre but I’ve learned to accept it. Keep going! X


  3. DrJuliet

    That’s normal! Don’t give up, it’ll go up and down a bit. Even if you don’t see weight loss you’ll be burning off the fat around your internal organs which will make you a lot healthier. Good luck with the running!


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