My 3 things…that made me smile this week 16/5/15

This week I’m looking at the 3 things that made me smile this week

J asking why daddy is a boy and why mummy and J are girls – this really caught me off guard and I swear she’s too young to be asking these questions, all I could say was “daddy has boy bits” and “mummy and J have girl bits” and then started singing the alphabet song in hope the conversation would be forgotten

Fitting into a pair of size 14 trousers for the first time in 2015 – I was gutted about not losing weight this week. It was very warm on Wednesday and I wanted to wear a pair of linen trousers that had been at the back of my wardrobe and really couldn’t believe it when they fit!

Looking through photos of J and the family for images to have printed and displayed in the house – We take so many pictures and only have one on display so purchased some frames and are now going through the pictures to pick the best. They made me smile so much and made me realise that time is going so quick and also made me remember how many awesome times we’ve had. I can’t wait to go strawberry picking again this year!

At a wedding last summer
Just being her normal funny self at nanny Iris house last summer
Feeding the sheep last Spring
Shortly after we had started weaning her. Avocado mess
I shouldn’t laugh but this makes me laugh every time
My lovely family
Strawberry picking
The look on Aarons face makes me laugh! He was well and truly stuck!
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