A Lovely Garden {Ordinary Moments #20 – 17/5/15}

My mother-in-law is home for a few weeks after working away for most of the year, and has set about organising her garden so it’s nice and hassle free for the summer. She’s on her own so we decided to go along and spend an hour or so helping her out

We are incredibly jealous of anyone who has a garden. Ours is concrete and shingle and not very nice and we really don’t like it, so whenever we are in a nice garden we put it to full use. Iris’s garden is massive and mostly grassy so we took along a picnic to eat and had a garden picnic out in the sun

The slide, tent and scooter were instantly put outside, and whilst J finished her nap (a rare occurrence nowadays) we turned over the soil, removed weeds, and put the wood chip in place. Iris was so pleased with our help as she thought it would have taken her all afternoon when it really only took an hour for the hubster and I

Shortly afterwards we were joking that a trampoline would be good in her garden as it was so big and after a short trip to the local supermarket one appeared! A couple of hours later the hubster and I had completed the build and J was so excited that she had a trampoline at Nanny Iris’ house that she kept badgering us while we were finishing it off

She loves bouncing on the trampoline at Nanny Sharon’s house, Gym Club and now has another amazing trampoline to jump on. We all had a go and joked that Iris would be able to exercise more now she has one at home

It really was a beautiful day in a lovely garden. Our 1 hour “stop by” turned into 7.5 hours but it just flew by and we really enjoyed the day in a grassy garden

J 'mowing' the lawn
J ‘mowing’ the lawn
Garden picnic
Garden picnic
A sunny selfie with my girly
A sunny selfie with my girly
Nanny Iris and J on the trampoline
Nanny Iris and J on the trampoline
Helping to take the picnic basket back to the car
Helping to take the picnic basket back to the car

One thought on “A Lovely Garden {Ordinary Moments #20 – 17/5/15}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Gorgeous photos and it looks like a lovely day in the sunshine- I am just so excited now the weather is a little nicer, I can’t wait for more days in the garden. We always go to Grandma’s too as I hate ours! x


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