30 Before I’m 30 – Week 7 Weigh In

I weigh every Tuesday evening and will be posting an update on my blog each week before the weekend is upon us. Here’s my “challenge”

Exercise wise, we have been out with the dog, played on the trampoline, swimming once and had 3 gym visits. The runs are coming along nicely and this week for the first time I managed 16 of 30 minutes running whilst still following the Couchto5K app, the sessions are getting longer for the runs but I’m enjoying them nonetheless

I even (!) went for a run at the gym on Tuesday before weigh in. I really didn’t feel like it but I knew I’d let myself down if not. I completed it comfortably and it honestly took everything in me to not fist punch the air after completing my final run before entering my cool down walk

The downside to my run on Tuesday was that after I had stopped my impulse and was halfway through my cool down walk I dropped my iPhone on the treadmill, and consequently the floor (oops! – It was fine thankfully) My leg however pulled as I leaned awkwardly to get it, I was in a lot of discomfort on Sunday so resting until Saturday run wise. What a plonker! Anyone who knows me knows that only I could injure myself after the run

Tuesday's run pre weigh
Tuesday’s run pre weigh
The big news this week is that I have managed to convince the hubster to join SW with me. We will weigh each Tuesday and one will stay for the earlier meeting and one for the later meeting due to childcare. The decision was made on Sunday night and he’s followed the plan since then

I am really quite excited about this as historically it’s worked when we’ve both been in it together. He’s also really good at keeping me on track and he will be cooking dinner for us on a Thursday night (a SW friendly meal) which will also keep us both on track, as I’m usually knackered on a Thursday after my previous night at work
I have 5 more weigh-ins before my 30th so here we go for this week…

This week’s information:

Loss this week: 2.5lbs (get in!)

Overall loss to date: 8lbs

Highs of the previous week: Fitting into a pair of size 14 trousers and doing a pair of work trousers up comfortably. There were a lot of lovely comments last week saying that the scales are not always reflective. You were all so right and thank you!

Lows of the previous week: Not realising the time on Saturday after spending ages putting a trampoline together and in a panic grabbing some chips for the family whilst out

Food news: The hubster is excited and full of ideas so god knows what is likely to end on our plates this week!

Exercise news (new category!): I am sourcing a skipping rope after reading this amazing post I honestly didn’t realise how good it could be for you and I am going to give it a try this next fortnight…watch this space!

Challenges for the week ahead: I have the girls round on Saturday night for a Mexican feast (a firm favourite in the Cook household!). We opted against takeout as most of us are losing weight and we want a rough idea of what goes into our mouths. We’re not really drinkers so it will be food I need to keep an eye on but I’ve planned to have a “flexible syns day”. I think I’ll have approx. 50 syns on Saturday night and back on it for the rest of the week. I can’t wait to see the girls, it’s been far too long!
Here’s to another week and another loss ahead, I’m happy with a loss, obviously the more the merrier!

This was my 'snack box' on a Wednesday late shift to stop me reaching for the vending machine
This was my ‘snack box’ on a Wednesday late shift to stop me reaching for the vending machine
over 1/2 stone gone now, hurrah!
over 1/2 stone gone now, hurrah!
Movie time with the family and home made popcorn with sweetener
Movie time with the family and home made popcorn with sweetener

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