3 Things…That I will remember from this week 23/5/15

This week I’m looking at the things I will remember from this week and will talk about in years to come:

Finding out who Michael was – The other week the hubster contacted me asking “who’s Michael?” I was a little taken aback, responding with “no idea” it continued for a while and then transpired that J was telling him Michael was “mummy’s friend”. The following day we asked her the following questions:

Us – “who’s Michael?

J – “mummy’s friend”

Us – “have you met him yet?”

J – ” not yet” (completely straight face!)

Us – “where has he been?”

J – “mummy’s bed”

Me – “Oh my goodness!”

I don’t know anyone called Michael and I can assure you that if it was Michael Buble I certainly wouldn’t be quiet about it! You can imagine that if we weren’t a strong couple this may have caused some problems between us! Anyhow, a few days later she was laid in bed with us saying that “mummy, daddy, J, Michael and Nemo would be going to Florida on an aeroplane. We checked, and it turns out that Michael was actually Mike from Monsters Inc. PHEW!

Going on a bike ride with the family on Friday after work – It was so nice, a total of 5 miles to the nice big park and back. The main thing I will remember is on the bike ride I got an actual fly in my eye! It hurt so much and the thing wouldn’t come out!

Being put on the naughty step by my 2 year old – I went into the garden as I thought we had birds nesting and returned to the kitchen met by a serious looking J who was telling me I had gone outside without shoes on. She promptly got down, walked to the naughty step and sat me on it. Whilst sat on the naughty step she returned to her seat and reminded me why I was there (like I would do!). I apologised and told her I would put my shoes on. This is either brilliant parenting or an insight to what the future will be like…

Oh "Michael" you've caused so many discussions!
Oh “Michael” you’ve caused so many discussions!
At the park after our bike ride
At the park after our bike ride
On our bike ride on the cycle path
On our bike ride on the cycle path

3 thoughts on “3 Things…That I will remember from this week 23/5/15

  1. mydaysni

    Kids say the darnest things eh! like when my eldest asked if the plumber was coming back for another sleepover!!! No – the plumber did not have a sleepover! But I got a new plumber anyway!


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