The Plight of a Dad

It’s the hubster here, taking over wifey’s blog for a night

When wifey was a new mum she was struck with Post Natal Depression, she didn’t want to go out much, struggled to socialise with new and other mums, and found the adaptation to motherhood very difficult

The first few months were just about getting by, finding our feet, and adapting to everything J threw at us, so I can’t say I was much use on the socialising front either!

Fast forward 2 and a bit years and wifey has recovered, she’s a happy mum and adores J, though with our struggle at the beginning, we have very few friends with children – much less any the same age as J

Although wifey is from the area, we are the first in our local social circle to have kids and I’m also a bit lazy in striking up friendships with people. That said, of the two of us I’m the outgoing one and J and I go to gym club each week, but I see it as an ideal opportunity to have 1-2-1 time with J and talk very little to the other parents there. The same goes with soft play, I’m probably one of the few people running around the place (you may think I’m a loony when you see me)

We are a single child household and I fear J may become a ‘mummy and daddy’s’ girl if we are not careful

I want us to socialise with other like minded people with children of a similar age and let the kids interact, whilst the adults can chat and maybe even strike up decent friendships, but its tough to know how to go about this

So here’s my question to you, how do we find other like minded parents and form a positive social circle for J and us?

A daddy and J selfie
A daddy and J selfie

Thanks for reading my first ever blog post, I promise normality will resume with wifey tomorrow!

The hubsters post is linking up with Victoria for the #PoCoLo linky again this week, I’ll be back to posting soon but we would love your views and thoughts!

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One thought on “The Plight of a Dad

  1. plaguedparents

    It is hard to start having ‘parent’ friendships, but once you get the ball rolling it should be a snap! I’d start with the library for story time. Playgrounds, kid activity groups…I don’t know where you are located but in the US we have Gymboree classes, or at our local YMCA there are swim classes etc.


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