3 things… I have missed this week

I’ve said it a couple of times already but this week has flown by, I love my job and I genuinely go to work to make a difference every day but have felt like I’m treading water. Does anyone else find that on a bank holiday working week it feels like there’s something like 6 days you are working, instead of the 4 days you actually have, or the normal 5 you would expect to have?!?! Anyway I digress. It’s been busy and long(!)

My poor little Lexi had an incident with her paw and has had to wear a cone round her head (satellite TV anyone?) and has been restricted on exercise so we’ve taken the opportunity to be lazy and have stayed indoors (pah!)

As you read this we will be heading to Paultons Park for our last visit for quite some time to Peppa Pig World *sob*. Our annual pass expires this weekend and as much as we would love to renew it we think it’s best to have some time out and experience some of the other great attractions of the south coast – we’ll be renewing it again in the future for sure!

This week’s “3 things” is based on what I’ve missed doing or having this week

The gym – thanks to my silly silly episode of dropping my phone and pulling my leg I’ve had zero visits to the gym this week. I (and the hubster) find that my mood drastically improves whenever I exercise regularly and I am less snappy. I’m really looking forward to the week ahead when normality will resume exercise wise

Spending time on my blog – everything home and personal wise seemed to take a step back this week, the washing pile is sky high (I hate washing at the best of times but just want to push it into a cupboard and forget about it right now). Also, I occasionally have times where I just need my own space and to be myself for a bit outside of the house and forget about everything. I wonder if anyone else gets that? I literally just want to talk to no one, be on my own and away from my surroundings so that I can reset. This Thursday was one of those evenings so I left the house at 645pm and didn’t return until 9pm (feeling much better and happier). Sometimes this and quality family time take priority and any spare time I’ve had I just wanted to spend every minute possible with my family so my blog also took a back seat which I felt terrible about as I really like doing it. I aim to have some actual time set aside on Sunday and Monday evenings to work on it (whilst the washing machine is in full swing!)

Having a full, decent nights sleep – possibly due to the lack of exercise and stress this week I have had very little sleep, tossing and turning all night and not been able to switch off, so a lovely long sleep in my bed would be fabulous! (And a lie in – I know that’s asking too much with a 2 year old tornado! hehe!)

A family selfie, one from a Peppa Pig World ride
A family selfie, one from a Peppa Pig World ride
Poorly dog = no walks
Poorly dog = no walks
Check out the bags under those eyes, a good night's sleep is needed!
Check out the bags under those eyes, a good night’s sleep is needed!

To end on a much happier and positive note here are a couple of things I’m looking forward to in June:

A weekend away – I have no idea where we will be going, but the hubster has arranged for a birthday weekend present so I am excited (and nervous) about doing this. I am dreading turning 30 but looking forward to some quality time with my family

A date night – we are going to go to the cinema for a night out mid June, so I’m really looking forward to having some one-on-one time with the hubster. Being a parent is hard but being a parent and couple is also hard and needs some dedicated time to ensure you remain normal people outside of being mum and dad

Losing a bit more weight – fitting into a size 14 this month was fantastic and I am hopefully going to be in it (on the way to a 12 in June)

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