3 things…I’ve enjoyed listening to this week 6/4/15

So you may have heard that I have still been suffering with voice loss. I took a turn for the worse earlier in the week, having lost my voice completely and have since spent a couple of days in bed. After a trip to the doctors and a diagnosis I’m now on antibiotics, the joys huh?

Not being able to talk really does enable you to absorb everything around you and actually appreciate listening, although every time I recover I am always so grateful to be talking again, it really is an absolute blessing to have a voice, and I would never wish permanent loss of voice on anyone

In light of my “ailments” this week, my “3 things” is what I have enjoyed listening to:

J and Daddy’s adventure on Wednesday – normally I look after J on a Wednesday morning but the hubster kindly took a day off and took her away from the house for me so I could rest. They had an amazing time and they arrived home whilst I was in bed, coming upstairs to give me a kiss and the first words that came out of J’s mouth were “me and daddy had ice cream”. Although it wasn’t the highlight of her day it made me smile as the hubster looked very guilty. She then followed up telling me all about her time with daddy, being on the trampolines and swimming

Quite possibly my favourite picture of these two this year

J’s development of manners – she now says pardon every time she does a “burpy” or “farty-pants” (excuse the awful terminology we use), and she has started saying yes please and no thank you, and has even started to say “you’re welcome” when people say thank you to her. Being unable to talk makes you process what is being said, something we as adults are not very good at doing (I will be one of the first to admit that) so actually hearing her speech develop, her talking, her communication, and her politeness, really does make me incredibly proud, and also makes me think perhaps we haven’t done so bad after all

Nanny and Grandad’s trip to the beach with J – as usual, J stays at my mums once a week on a Thursday and this week the hubster dropped her off at my mums armed with a bag full of beach stuff. My mum and dad took her to West Wittering, one of the nicest and best beaches on the south coast, and I have listened to J non stop since then about her fun there, telling us about her fun playing with the kite, in the sand, by the sea (although she was a bit wary of the sea and said she didn’t like it). I really am so looking forward to the summer this year so we can do the same with her on the Souths beaches

Yummy beach picnic
Making sandcastles on the beach with Nanny


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