“I wanted to feed Lexi!!!”

Life with J has it’s interesting moments, our morning routine is usually relatively calm until about 730am when I realise I have a hundred things to do and 20 minutes to do it all before I have to leave (on time) and J suddenly refuses to cooperate, or throws a strop, or needs the toilet desperately, or in this case all of the above

I was a bit harassed and had to get out of the door pronto on this particular date. Whilst j was finishing in the bathroom I filled the dog bowl with food and took it into the kitchen

My darling daughter had a meltdown thinking I had fed the dog because “I WANTED TO FEED LEXI”

I’m getting used to these (she’s resorted to throwing herself on the floor) so instead of trying to reason with her I pulled out my phone and took a photo (and then showed her where the dog bowl was to feed her – it’s her morning job)

One of the not so perfect occasions in the Cook household

Fast becoming the queen of strops and meltdowns
Fast becoming the queen of strops and meltdowns

Linking up with the hilariously brilliant brummymummyof2 for #WickedWednesdays


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