3 Things…I have loved this week 20/6/15

After missing last week’s “3 things” I’m looking at what I’ve loved this week:

Being back in my bed – I have slept upright on the sofa for the best part of a week and it gets a little lonely after a while. So when my voice finally mostly returned (hooray!!) I returned to my lovely bed, complete with 6 bricks to prop it up. I love our bed, it’s super king sized and so comfy and I am glad to be back in it

Going for lots of walks in the sun – the New Forest, the local country parks, anywhere really. Thanks to the lovely weather we spontaneously decided to go for an evening walk on Friday with J and Lexi, and on Wednesday J and I went to one of the country parks before nursery. She wore her fairy dress and wings and looked adorable. Her imagination is really growing too, we collected lots of ‘treasure’ (sticks and leaves) and even told ‘the bear’ (?!?!?) not to eat her food!

Collecting our treasure

Eating her grapes so that the ‘bear’ couldn’t get them

Snuggles – J has really got into snuggling on the sofa with me. She’s such an independent child and never showers or asks for affection so when she wants to snuggle I just cuddle her up and cherish every minute of it

Sunday morning snuggles
Sunday morning snuggles

There’s another one I wanted to add, even though it’s slightly ‘cheating’ and its this…

Finding out where we are going for my birthday – I’m not allowed to say just yet where I’m going (teaser I know) but he hubster let slip on Thursday night where he’s taking me and J for my birthday. He was devastated he told me but it’s one of my favourite places and I am so excited!

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