Fun at Longdown Farm {Ordinary Moments Week 25 – 21/6/15}

Today is a very special day for us, it’s Fathers Day. Whilst I have my dad around, the hubster’s passed away some years ago, so we always like to make a day of it. We gave the hubster J’s handmade card this morning (it came out okay!) with breakfast in bed and as a special occasion we decided to visit Longdown Activity Farm in the New Forest as the weather was looking nice

Starting as we mean to go on, a day of J and daddy and lots of photo opportunities!
Starting as we mean to go on, a day of J and daddy and lots of photo opportunities!

Having not been since I was about 7 I didn’t quite know what to expect but as soon as we arrived the lady at the counter told us there was calf feeding taking place and advised us to head over to the calf shed. We were instantly given a bottle of milk and J was allowed to feed the calves! I was shocked, we had expected to have some animal feed throughout the day and feed by hand but not this. J initially needed a little assistance from the hubster but soon got the hang of it

Feeding the calves
Feeding the calves

Next stop was the digger, this was important work (the Cook concentration tongue stuck out a lot!) and the hubster took great joy in splashing mucky water all over me! I’ll let it pass this time as it was Father’s Day but next time it’s game on and I’ll be doing the same back!

We decided to go to the baby animal encounter as there was quite a large queue forming, again not really knowing what to expect. Baby chicks were handed to us to stroke gently, J sat on the hubsters lap and began stroking the chick, and then for some reason thought the chick was going to eat her and then started telling the chick “don’t eat me!!” we had the bottom lip and everything which was hillarious

Check out the face, haha!
Check out the face, haha!

There were a couple of areas to view animals and play on outdoor toys but the thing that caught her and her dad’s eyes…the trampolines! She bounced for a couple of minutes with great joy. I don’t know why but I cannot stand trampolines so I’m glad the hubster likes them, he’ll go on them as much as she wants!

We soon realised there was a feeding session still on for the baby goats and off we went. They seemed to take the milk much slower but once again the concentration tongue came out. The three of us have this awful habit which is sweet but a little annoying, especially when colleagues notice you doing it!

the “Cook concentration tongue”

Lunchtime and a picnic on the grass took place. We’re becoming quite good at picnics now, although today we forgot the blanket. I decided to make a homemade caesar salad and dressing with rolls for everyone with some of the leftover strawberries from our haul the day before. I find it’s much nicer than cafe food and you get the opportunity to pick and mix your meal which is always good

After lunch we decided to try something completely new to us…a pony ride! J actually asked to go on the pony and although it was an additional cost we had agreed beforehand to let her do it should she want to. As soon as she put the helmet on she instantly looked so grown up. I will remember for a long long time the way she looked on the steps before getting onto the pony, I stood there with a lump in my throat looking at my girl whilst trying to take pictures

She was so well behaved and listened intently to what the woman was telling her as she climbed on and was soon off on her pony adventure

Looking so grown up!
Looking so grown up!
And she's off!
And she’s off!

She held on throughout the whole journey, with the hubster walking alongside her in case something happened, but nothing did. It was only a few minutes but I stopped taking photos just after she went and just absorbed the moment. I’m not sure what it is about horse riding, maybe the posture or the helmet, but it instantly made my girl look and act like she was 6 or 7, way beyond her years

After her return she patted the horse and said thank you and climbed off. The hubster and I held hands on the way out both still pretty overwhelmed by the emotion. It really got us and we said after she had gone to bed that it was one of our favourite and most memorable moments of the day

Off on her pony adventure
Off on her pony adventure
Her 'cheese' grin still hasn't improved but it's still cute
Her ‘cheese’ grin still hasn’t improved but it’s still cute

We spent the rest of the time at the farm experiencing the animal encounters, feeding the pigs, “milking” cows, climbing hay bales, going on a very bumpy but fun tractor ride and even collected an egg from the chicken pens. It was great fun and we’ll be taking our friends when they next visit from York as we haven’t managed to previously

It was honestly a lovely day out, J was the perfect child and didn’t tantrum or play up once. I purposely stayed out of the photos because I wanted the day to be focused on the bond between the hubster and J, and I’m so glad I kept it that way. I may be a little rusty using my dSLR at the moment, but I think I captured the day and the moments pretty well

Trying to milk the cow. Unfortunately it wasn’t working but she had a good try
Collecting eggs
Go-karting with daddy
My two favourite people, happy fathers day

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3 thoughts on “Fun at Longdown Farm {Ordinary Moments Week 25 – 21/6/15}

  1. Coombe Mill

    This looks like a really good farm with plenty of interaction for the children. I love the tongue out with the bottle feeding, that is real concentration and what a treat to try pony riding, I don’t know about Daddy’s day but it certainly looks like a great day for J and I imagine your joy came from that! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.


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