Ladybug Letters – 2 Years 7 Months

Dear J,

June has passed, another month in the calendar marked off. This month there were a couple of pretty big events, Fathers Day and my 30th birthday. We spent a weekend away at the end of June at Center Parcs to celebrate and all our friends and family were there to celebrate with us as a surprise. Our friends from York also joined us and every time we see them I swear you come home more grown up and more capable, this time was no exception

You have started asking “why” to everything. It’s great because you’re so inquisitive and want to know the reasoning for everything around you but at the same time it frustrates me, especially when I have run out of answers!

Imagination has featured pretty well this month and quite often we will lay on the sofa and go “for a drive”. We will go strawberry picking, have an ice cream or visit nanny and granddad. It is simply adorable!

What have we done this month?

We have been strawberry and pea picking (one of my favourite past-times), and exploring the great outdoors in the New Forest. We visited Longdown Activity Farm on Fathers Day, and we had an amazing weekend at Centre Parcs. On my birthday at the end of June we went to West Wittering for the day as the weather was beautiful and we just wanted to chill out after the break away. It was such a lovely day and you and I spent some quality time in the water

Earlier in the month you had a whole day with daddy and went trampolining and swimming with him while I stayed in bed to recover. June has bought with it some amazingly beautiful weather and you visited to the beach earlier in June with nanny and granddad, you just adore spending time with them and your nanny Iris

We spent a bit more time with my cousin and her little girl this month, and went with them to the New Forest, for a BBQ at their house and even swimming with them. The swimming was great because for the first time since we’ve been taking you, you’ve come into your own in the swimming pool and realised that it’s actually fun playing with the water jets, slides and flumes and you’re not scared of the water spraying into your face

At the beach on my birthday
At the beach on my birthday, I love this picture
Strawberry picking
Strawberry picking
Out on a walk dressed as a fairy
Out on a walk dressed as a fairy

What’s been my favourite moment?
Seeing your face in your new “big girls bed”, you were so excited we couldn’t actually get you undressed and into your pyjamas. We were so worried about it but we really shouldn’t have been. We knew it was the right time because you have a very good understanding and we had spent the week before teaching you that you need to stay in bed until the yellow sun comes up on the clock, it’s worked a treat

Your growing relationship with our York based friends really shone this month. Their daughter simply loves taking you under her wing and you were her shadow on the break away and even shared a room with her. It’s such a beautiful friendship and it’s such a shame we all live so far away

She was actually so excited she didn't want to put her pyjamas on for actual bedtime!
Actually so excited she didn’t want to put her pyjamas on for actual bedtime!

What’s been difficult?
You’ve thrown some epic tantrums. I never thought you’d be the child who threw themselves on the floor but you did that at the New Forest early June and I didn’t quite know what to do so I just walked off. I refuse to pander to them and hope it’s just a phase. There was one particular morning early June your daddy and I were really suffering with colds and generally run down, and it’s like you knew we were weak. You literally spent the whole morning kicking off and screaming at us and we really couldn’t do much to soothe you. Instead we went to your nanny’s house for support and you turned into a beautiful happy girl again!

You have also started to resist bedtime and one night mid June woke at 1:30am and refused to go back to sleep. I ended up sleeping in your cot bed with you and was so exhausted that I was desperate for you to sleep and I told you that the bedtime fairy would come with a present for you if you slept through and didn’t wake anyone up. So far it’s working but I don’t know for how long!

Fast becoming the queen of strops and meltdowns
Fast becoming the queen of strops and meltdowns

What has made me laugh?
When you don’t want us to leave you to do something around the house you sit on our laps and snuggle in. It’s very cheeky but cute. You also seem to use your bottom lip at the moment, whenever you’re slightly upset or sad the lip comes out. It makes us laugh so much but we always want to give you a great big hug!


What has made me cry?
Having not had much of a voice throughout most of June it really was difficult not being able to communicate properly with you. You love to alternate between me and daddy for your story times and bedtime songs, and with no voice I just haven’t been able to manage that. It really upset me at the time but your daddy stepped in as always and helped out
We also shed a tear on Father’s Day when you rode a horse for the first time. You looked so grown up and we were pleasantly surprised and proud of how you were on it

And she's off!

What will I remember most?
This month it will be moving you into your big girls bed, riding a horse for the first time and swimming. Our weekend away obviously features in there because it was such a special time and a well deserved and needed break

Having a picnic in the New Forest and a family picture photobombed by donkeys will also stick in my mind, it was really quite funny!

Family selfies and donkey's photobombing it!
Family selfies and donkey’s photobombing it!

I honestly cannot believe how quick June went, and there’s probably so much more that I have missed. Here is one of my favourite photos of us from the month. I love you my girl xxx

My favourite photo of the 2 of us in June. It is such a rare occurrence nowadays
My favourite photo of the 2 of us in June. It is such a rare occurrence for you to fall asleep on me nowadays
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  1. Victoria Welton

    What a truly lovely post. It sounds like June has been an extremely varied month. I love Center Parcs and the New Forest and it is always a special moment when your little one gets their big bed. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

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