Sunny Sundays {Ordinary Moments Week 29 19/07/15}

I live for the weekend, 2 whole days with my family and no work, and it’s even better when it’s sunny. Although we had a slight blip in the weather last week, I don’t actually remember a weekend over the last couple of months where it’s been a complete wash out (I may be tempting fate here…)

We had the offer of a teddy bears picnic today so took the opportunity to go along and have a play in the great outdoors doing something a little different as a household. J has never been to a teddy bears picnic and has so many teddies that I didn’t know who she’d choose, but then it became clear…she chose Michael (Mike from Monsters Inc. to you and me!)

I had my orders to take Sully and the hubster took along his favourite teddy, Cookie Monster, which is almost as big as J! We’ve had it since our honeymoon in Florida in 2011 and today it generated a bit of conversation, especially when the children noticed him wearing and eating various things from our kit

One of my favourite pictures of them this weekend
One of my favourite pictures of them this weekend
Teddy bear picnic time
Teddy bear picnic time

J played and played on the bouncy pillow, rolled down the hill a few times and just enjoyed being outdoors and able to run free. Michael accompanied her onto the bouncy pillow and she enjoyed throwing him off and chasing after him, poor Michael!

The hubster and I took the opportunity to relax and actually hold hands whilst J was on the bouncy pillow being supervised (still with our hawk eyes on her!)

We chatted a bit about our impending holiday to Florida and the hubster came up with lots of new ideas for our trip out there. Whilst it’s later on this year there’s only 5 months of 2015 left, so it’s really not far away and we’re getting pretty excited!

On the bouncy pillow with her Michael
On the bouncy pillow with her ‘Michael’
When the sun is out you must eat watermelon...fact ; )
When the sun is out you must eat watermelon…fact ; )

Our time at the teddy bears picnic soon came to a close so we decided to do a spot of DIY and prepare a roast dinner, but before we sat down to eat we had a special job to do, take our lovely Lexi out for a walk and burn some of the energy for both of our girls

J is really into being chased and running and I have affectionately nicknamed her our little duracel bunny. You can tell when she needs to get out and run as she starts bouncing off the walls. Before we went out she had turned into that child and we were starting to get a bit strained with voices starting to get higher and her behaviour starting to get naughtier

The hubsters face makes me laugh in this, maybe every week I should try and get a funny expression
The hubsters face makes me laugh in this, maybe every week I should try and get a funny expression from him
My beautiful girly
My beautiful girly
She loves playing chase right now
Playing chase with my girly
I get so many photos of her running, she doesn't stop!
I get so many photos of her running, she doesn’t stop!
What you looking at Lexi?
What you looking at Lexi?

It really does make a difference when the sun is out, everyone is happier and you just want to do more. It’s even better when I have time off to enjoy it too

We finished the weekend with a yummy roast, a Pimms and apple juice (no fizzy for me, life is miserable without diet coke and lemonade right now) and an apple juice for J. Our ‘cocktails’ complete with curly straws


Our 'cocktails'
Our ‘cocktails’

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11 thoughts on “Sunny Sundays {Ordinary Moments Week 29 19/07/15}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Ah it sounds like a perfect family weekend. The teddy bears picnic sounds just lovely and I love Cookie Monster- we have a bit of a thing about him here since we went on holiday in January and ‘met’ him- we have a few little toys dotted around the house. You can’t truly beat a sunshiny weekend with the people you love the most. x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coombe Mill

    A lovely looking Teddy Bears Picnic and in a beautiful setting too. Great photos running in the field there chasing your lovely daughter. I love that you actually had a grown up moment to stop and chat while J happily bounced. A perfect sounding day and a very exciting holiday coming up. thank you for sharing with me on country Kids.


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