My week at a glance #1 – 20/7/15

Time really is passing by far too quickly and I am worried that I will forget something which has made my week amazing, or something small that J has said that just made me laugh, or made me smile, or even made me cry

When I stumbled upon a ‘my week at a glance’ link up I decided this would be a great idea to help record those very quick weeks. I like to use my blog to record the adventures we have, our ordinary days and moments together and to help keep an online record of what happens each week to be able to look back on it so here goes…

What happened in the week?

I was “one of those people” up at the unearthly hour on Saturday morning to go to my first ever Next Summer Sale. Arriving at 5:02am I thought there would be very few people there but it turns out it was massively popular and I was queued around the corner along with a couple of hundred other people! Although I didn’t end up getting anything for me I managed to stock up on J’s wardrobe for when we go to Florida later this year. I am a Next Sale convert and I will most definitely be there for the next one

I ran Pretty Muddy with some of the girls from work in Portsmouth. Whilst I didn’t get as muddy as I thought I would get and there were big chunks of running in there I really enjoyed it. Some of the girls could barely walk on Sunday  although I managed to get away with a slight niggle in my back and my abs were niggling too (haha, I really don’t have abs, but if I did, that’s where they would be I’m sure!). The hubster, J and friends all cheered us on and we all had a picnic afterwards with some more playful running with J. The picture I have posted shows her being a bit grumpy as I put some of my mud on her top!

We decided to have a chilled out Sunday with a teddy bears picnic and a roast in the evening. Although it was supposed to be a rough day weather wise it was beautiful weather and there was lots of fun and laughter and rolling down the hill

My Next haul on Saturday morning, Pretty Muddy with my girly after I had completed the run and a teddy bears picnic
My Next haul on Saturday morning, Pretty Muddy with my girly after I had completed the run and a teddy bears picnic

I love spending Wednesday mornings with my girly and this week my mum joined us. After a trip to the park we went to mums house and played with PlayDoh. It’s not something J plays with in our house as the hubster isn’t a fan of it but we made incy wincy and Gaston the ladybird. J’s imagination is amazing and she keeps talking about Gaston on her hand and on mine, so I made her one!

I had a bit of a meltdown in the week because I was reminded that J will be moving into the big girl’s group in nursery after she turns 3 in 4 months…4 months?!?! I have no idea how or why that happened but this week she turned into a proper little girl somehow. I am feeling pretty sad about how quick she is growing up but at the same time I am loving it because we are experiencing everything together and she is such a sponge and such good fun

Seeing J’s face on Wednesday morning when ‘The Bedtime Fairy’ came with a really good present for her (word and picture card game) because she had slept through all night. At some point I will need to stop the bedtime fairy stuff but it’s working and encouraging us to spend time with her playing with the toys she has been given first thing in the morning, rather than jump up and start running around like loons to ensure we are ready for work

Gaston and Incy Wincy play doh, growing up far too quickly and a bedtime fairy present
Gaston and Incy Wincy play doh, growing up far too quickly and a bedtime fairy present

What else happened?

The talk about Florida has stepped up a notch. It is later this year but as we are officially closer to the end of it than the beginning of it we are getting pretty excited and are looking forward to spending our time there with J. Obviously this time it will be different because we will have a 2 year old to contend with and wont be able to run around the parks, but it will enable us to focus on the areas of the parks and activities we would have previously ignored, so pretty much like a new holiday

We will also be visiting the location we got married with J, and I’m really looking forward to taking some photos of her and us there together

I can't wait to go back here with our girly
I can’t wait to go back here with our girly

My favourite moment of the week was…

Receiving a video on Wednesday night from the hubster with J singing twinkle twinkle to me before she went to bed. Working Wednesday nights is hard but it allows me to spend the mornings with her and when things like that happen it makes it a bit more special. I had a little blub and then promptly shared with friends and family on Facebook, where it seemed to make them go gooey too!

A still shot of the amazing video of J singing twinkle twinkle to me
A still shot of the amazing video of J singing twinkle twinkle to me
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5 thoughts on “My week at a glance #1 – 20/7/15

  1. Harry's Honest Mummy

    Your wedding photo is lovely and what a lovely place to go back to as a family this time. Magical. I get sent a link to shop online in the Next Sale. I always pick an early time but NEVER get everything I want. There must be some very quick online shoppers whose keyboards are on fire with the speed they type, or they all want the same thing as me. I take my hat off to you as queuing requires dedication! Have a good week. And welcome to the #myweekataglance party 🙂


  2. Shannon

    Welcome to the #myweekataglance linky! Thanks for joining. I’m not much of a shopper and prefer to do my buying online – but I hear Next sales are pretty amazing. Your wedding photo is gorgeous and it’ll be lovely going back there to show the place to your daughter. Oh, that photo of he singing Twinkle Twinkle is adorable – what a lovely thing to brighten up your time at work.

    Liked by 1 person

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