My week at a glance #2 – 27/7/15

Okay so I blink and the week just seems to disappear. We are now on the verge of August and over the last few days all the children have begun their summer holidays. The roads are free and clearer in the morning rush hour but the shops are definitely busier!

What happened in the week?
J asked to go pea picking, so we did, I love that she enjoys picking fresh fruit and vegetables, she’s such an outdoorsy, healthy girl. One of her favourite things to do after picking them is taking them into nursery on a Wednesday afternoon for her friends. She has also taken a real liking to opening half of the pods, emptying the peas into a bowl and then lifting the bowl into her mouth. I just want to squish her mouth every time it’s full of peas but manage to hold myself back (somehow!)

We visited Southampton Common for J to have a bike ride. We haven’t been there for years, not since Lexi was a puppy, so it was nice to venture back out and remember how flat it was and J really liked cycling on the paths. She’s getting more and more confident and it was such a nice sunny evening. It really makes a difference when the sun is shining

The hubster and I decided to try Slimming World friendly KFC one evening after reading the recipe here. It’s suddenly become a firm favourite with the hubster and he has asked for it most nights since!

At the common, our SW friendly 'KFC', and J's mouth full of peas!
At the common, our SW friendly ‘KFC’, and J’s mouth full of peas!

My mother-in-law returned home after working away. She’s usually only back for a short amount of time so we cram as much time with her into the time she’s back so it effectively feels like several visits and time well spent. I really didn’t take many pictures this week which is unusual for me so there’s not actually a photo of the 2 of them together

I spent Friday evening with J whilst the hubster was helping to move a friend and i decided that as a special treat we would go and purchase a magazine and a pack of smarties for her. We made a big adventure of it and it was chucking it down so we ran into the shop and out with our treasure. Ben and Holly are in at the moment in our house so it had to be that magazine complete with his horn and Holly’s wand. J turned me into various animals and was in hysterics at my squirrel face shouting ‘NUTS’ at her

J also had an emergency hospital trip on Saturday morning and was diagnosed with Croup. It was a horrible, emotional morning as she woke up struggling to breathe but I’m glad to say she has recovered now

Playing with our magazine toys and thumbs up for feeling better
Playing with our magazine toys and thumbs up for feeling better

What else happened?

We booked our Discovery Cove tickets for Florida, we are getting so unbelievably excited and it’s still ages away! I’ve had to tell the hubster to stop talking about it as much because he was becoming 24×7 so he’s eased off with me but has started talking to my mum as she’s Florida mad too! My parents and other family members will be out at the same time though staying a drive away and they have kindly offered to take J for the day to enable the hubster and I to have a day together at Discovery Cove as an anniversary present

The hubster and I will be at Discovery Cove minus J as my parents have offered to take her for the day as an anniversary present to us
The hubster and I will be at Discovery Cove minus J as my parents have offered to take her for the day as an anniversary present to us

My favourite moment of the week was
Watching J in her bedroom with her Winnie the Pooh book on her lap and singing and “reading” away without knowing I was there. She knows the words to all of the songs and I had another real proud mummy moment stood watching her in the doorway before joining her for her to sit on my lap

This is a still from a video so perhaps not the best quality but she's so happy and singing away
This is a still from a video so perhaps not the best quality but she’s so happy and singing away

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4 thoughts on “My week at a glance #2 – 27/7/15


    Such a busy week! I’m sorry your little one was poorly, croup is awful, hope she’s back to her usual self now! Florida sounds amazing, I would be like your hubby and be talking about it non-stop 🙂
    Have a fab week!
    Becky x #weekataglance


  2. Harry's Honest Mummy

    Wow what an eventful week. I had to laugh at you wanting to squish the peas in her cheeks – we are all still kids at heart aren’t we? In a few years time it will pop in to her own mind to do it….just hope it isn’t when you are out at somewhere posh 🙂 Glad your little one got sorted at the hospital. Must have been quite scary. Have a good week #myweekataglance


  3. Shannon

    Oh, I’m so glad you like the SW fake KFC! Hmmm. I really could go with some of that right now actually. Your trip to Florida sounds fab and I love the thought of squishy cheeks full of peas! Thanks for joining #myweekataglance. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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