My Week at a Glance #3 – 3/8/15

This week has seriously flown by. So much so that I’m writing my week at a glance later than I expected and my brain is whizzing with stuff to do both at work and home!

We are now into August and the sun is still trying to decide if it wants to stay or if it wants to go. Thankfully last weekend had some nice weather and we managed to maximise our time as a family

Home wise, we have decided we really need to de-clutter. We’ve been in our current house for just over 3 years and have amassed a lot of stuff since moving in. Prior to leaving our old house we were pretty ruthless and practically started from scratch. I feel we need to do this again but it’s pretty hard with a 2 year old in tow, and the energy is often lacking in the evening so we are currently talking about how best to do it

What happened in the week?

J and I have spent some real quality time together and she’s been an absolute pleasure to be with. I absolutely love the age she is now and wish I could spend more time with her. She talks non stop (literally non stop) and asks “why” constantly, but there’s some real understanding there. Although she is in that cute toddler stage still, she is starting to resemble a child and is such a sponge taking in everything we say and do

We went swimming in Guildford with my cousin and her family, and then went for a walk by the River Wey afterwards. It was a beautiful day and the swimming complex was one of the better ones in the South we’ve been to in terms of variety. I even went on a flume with her without a rubber ring. This sounds silly, but after an injury on a waterslide some 10 years ago I’ve been pretty reluctant to go on any form of flume, aside from rubber ring ones so it was a big thing for me.c J loved it and we went on it three times in total!

1-2-1 time with my girly, the  River Wey in Guildford, J sat outside a pub after lunch
1-2-1 time with my girly, the River Wey in Guildford, J sat outside a pub after lunch

We’ve started a little Friday tradition of sorts, each week I’m on the nursery collection run and the weather is on our side I will take her for a bike ride at one of the local parks, she circles the park a couple of times before going on the swings and slides and then back on her bike. It seems to start the weekend off in a good manner and gets us both in the outdoors

On Saturday afternoon we were at a little bit of a loss as we didn’t have anything planned and J slept for nearly 3 hours (!!!) so we decided to take her to another park for a bike ride. I mapped it afterwards on my phone and the little mite had ridden over a mile in total but was still going strong like a duracel bunny! The hubster decided to sit her on his shoulders for the route back!

The bedtime fairy is continuing until after we return from our holiday and this time she gave J swimming goggles which she was determined to take with her to Guildford (and had a bit of a meltdown when we were on our journey there and she realised she had forgotten them). We all had an amazing time swimming and it was great having my cousin and her family there

J on the hubsters shoulders, riding her bike on a Friday evening and with her swimming goggles from the bedtime fairy
J on the hubsters shoulders, riding her bike on a Friday evening and with her swimming goggles from the bedtime fairy

What else happened?

I’ve worked some pretty random hours this week and on Wednesday night I was doing quite a late shift. I usually listen to Annie Mac on Radio 1 and heard they were celebrating 20 years in Ibiza and she was playing loads of Ibiza classics and then announced that Pete Tong was presenting the Radio 1 Ibiza Proms. A mixture of an orchestra and dance classics, surely not?

After finishing work I listened to it in the car on the way home and just as I was about to turn into my road Faithless – Insomnia came on. One of my favourite dance classic (they are awesome live!) I continued driving to listen to it and must have looked like a mad woman raving along in my old estate with the music blaring out at 11pm (I so should have been asleep!) but I couldn’t help it

As soon as I walked through the door I found the online link, excitedly telling the hubster who ignored me and fell asleep again while I watched the remaining hour, transfixed. I am often ridiculed by my colleagues for being an ‘indie-rock’ Snow Patrol and Kings of Leon fan, but I forgot just how much I love dance music and a good bit of drum and bass. I spent most of Thursday raving about it (excuse the pun) and proceeded to play it again on Thursday night whilst the hubster was out whilst bobbing around the house (it’s on iPlayer for those who are interested)

I also took one of my favourite photos in a very long time of a dragonfly that happened to appear when we were by the river in Guildford. I absolutely love my bridge camera and I have not edited this. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we may well put it on our wall


My favourite moment of the week was?

A surprise BBQ in the New Forest on Tuesday night. I had a really cruddy day at work, a really painful physio session and had a bit of a meltdown on the phone to the hubster at lunch. He told me that I was to drive straight to the New Forest to meet him, Lexi and J there (a serious break from routine) and as I arrived about an hour or so after them they had a BBQ ready and food was just about to go on

My hubster is so utterly thoughtful and tries every day to make me happy and smile, getting me outdoors usually makes me happy (unless I’m in desperate need for sleep) and on this particular occasion he hit the nail on the head

My surprise BBQ with my two favourite people, and the dog was there somewhere!
My surprise BBQ with my two favourite people, and the dog was there somewhere!
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3 thoughts on “My Week at a Glance #3 – 3/8/15

  1. Shannon

    Oh, that barbecue at the end looks so nice! When we lived in Scotland, Hubby and I used to do something similar – drive out to Loch Katrine after rubbish days at work and enjoy a bit of BBQ. Living in London with no car and no back garden has put an end to BBQs for the most part though. That’s a lovely photo of the dragonfly and those swimming goggles are amazing! Thanks for joining #myweekataglance

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