MY WEEK AT A GLANCE #4 – 14/8/15

This week has flown by so fast I have had to look through my phone pictures to see and remember what on earth we have done! I am currently sat with a cup of coffee, a bounty bar as my Slimming World syns and the washing machine is spinning loudly to Rudimental playing in the kitchen. I am so rock and roll with the domestic life and drum and bass on a Friday night!

As this week has flown by it’s more of a 10 days at a glance than a week (am I stretching the rules slightly on this one? perhaps! but it’s allowed on occasions I’m sure!)

We have also made a great start on decluttering the house and a tip run later we are back to normality in our back bedroom and it no longer resembles a junk room…hurrah!

What happened in the week?

We went to West Wittering on the weekend and had a great time. I just love West Wittering, the queues between 11am-4pm are pretty horrendous so we generally get there super early and leave around the time the car park closes which is usually as the sun is setting

J and I went to a country park which I haven’t been to for quite some time and had a lovely time, although she didn’t really want to walk, which was unusual so we trekked back to the car and she sat in the buggy for a chunk of it, getting out to see the items on our adventure walk. The rain arrived as we were settling for a picnic at the end so I sprinted back to the car with her and we had what i can only describe as one of her favourite past-times – a car picnic!

J’s drawing is really getting good. I don’t know if it’s advanced or the right time but it’s amazed me every time she has done something new with a pencil or drawing device. she copied me drawing balloons on the weekend and again with one of our friends who had drawn a smiley face. A very proud mummy moment!

The bedtime fairy is still continuing and was starting to cost a small fortune at the pound shop so a friend recommended “Crafty Crocodiles” and shortly after the order was placed a box full of what can only be described as a revisit to my childhood arrived. I won’t lie, i got a little bit excited!

J and her balloons, J with her smiley face drawing, a box full of bedtime fairy treats and the lovely sunset at West Wittering
J and her balloons, J with her smiley face drawing, a box full of bedtime fairy treats and the lovely sunset at West Wittering

Anything else worth mentioning?

Our lovely friends from York came down south for a holiday and we saw them a couple of times and spent a day with them trampolining and swimming in Guildford. We normally only see them once a year so it’s an absolute delight seeing them more than that, and this year will have been 3 times. We always say it, but every time J sees them she always grows up a bit more

I took one of my favourite photos of J who was in the bath on a Wednesday morning just chilling out and having fun. I may be her mum and I may be a bit biased, but I will honestly say I think she looks simply stunning in this picture

The souths motorways were also pretty horrific one of the days I needed to get to physio. It was jammed right up and I arrived 30 minutes late and had been sat travelling for 1 hour and 45 minutes for what should have been a 20-30 minute journey. J found it highly interesting and was fast asleep! I am also sick to the back teeth of sitting in traffic and have decided that I am going to start cycling to work. It will also help with fitness and weight loss!

Our car picnic, the hubster and friend’s sandcastles, J finding the long journey thrilling and my beautiful girly in her bath

My favourite moment of the week was?

Watching the hubster and friends spend hours down the beach building a sandcastle helter-skelter and getting very excited at the boules balls going down them

A bunch of thirty-somethings building sandcastles clearly has to feature in my favourites!


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