Taking a step back {Ordinary Moments Week 33 – 16/8/15}

As I write this it’s Saturday afternoon. The hubster is in bed sleeping, and J is in her pushchair, also sleeping. It’s normally me who heads upstairs whilst J sleeps (I need a lot of sleep for some reason!) This week the hubster has napped on the sofa most nights whilst chilling out in the evening, so it was clear he needed to recharge. J was also in real need of a nap, having had 2 very late nights this week and she was super whiney this morning

This last week has been pretty non-stop, in fact pretty much every week for the last month or so has been pretty non-stop

For the first time in as long as I can remember we had no plans for this weekend, people asked me at work on Friday what we were up to and I didn’t have a clue. They were all pretty shocked, as I like to have the weekend mapped out before we get to it. If I’m to be honest it was quite unnerving as I entered into Friday night but at the same time I was also a little bit relieved

Because I spend so little time with my family during the week I like to maximise the time with them on the weekend. Saturday’s and Sundays are usually spent having an adventure, maybe going to the beach, the New Forest, or experiencing an attraction we have never been to before, generating memories which I know we will look back on fondly

Reading a few blog posts this week I realised that we spend an awful lot of money paying for a lovely house to live in which we spend barely any time in and sometimes the family time at home or in the local area is just as good as the big days out

This weekend we have decided to slow down our lives and let everyone have a much needed recharge. This morning we left the house at 11am, which is practically unheard of! It’s normally 9-930am at the latest to maximise our day, and as we got in the car we actually had no idea where we were going, just that J was in need of sleep and a rest! In the end we decided to drive along the motorway in the hope that it would send her to sleep. It didn’t!

Finally asleep after the journey home
Finally asleep after the journey home

After a while we decided to stop in a nearby town to investigate alternative methods of holiday money as I don’t want to take wads of cash with us or pay the charges by the banks, and we made the decision to avoid the stress of parking in the centre we would park on the outskirts near where I grew up, walking into the centre with J in her pushchair

We spoke to a few people and obtained a few leaflets, had a cup of coffee and let J have a little run around in the park before we headed back to the car. On the way back to the car we diverted slightly and I showed J my old junior school and my sister’s old infant school, explaining to her that when I was at school I learned to read, count and write

She in turn told me that when she was a big girl she would be going to school which was quite cute but reminded me how quick time is passing. It was also nice to show the hubster where I grew up and we took a drive around the area after returning to the car

My little daredevil
My little daredevil
Playing at the park
Playing at the park

It really is a ‘nothing to shout about’ day, housework and chores have obviously featured, J had a mini baking session with daddy and when thinking about it little else, but actually it’s been one of my favourite family days in a while and really does reflect what the ‘Ordinary Moments’ is all about. It’s about appreciating the time with my family and sometimes that means slowing down and taking a step back

Here’s to a Sunday of a similar style though I am pretty certain that normality will resume next week as I’ll be climbing the walls no doubt!

Helping daddy to bake
Helping daddy to bake
When a child licking your hands after baking is the best thing ever, fact!
When a child licking your hands after baking is the best thing ever, fact!

5 thoughts on “Taking a step back {Ordinary Moments Week 33 – 16/8/15}

  1. Charlotte @ Our Daly Life

    it can be really hard to take that step back, especially when time is so precious and you feel under pressure to make the most of it, to be productive at all times and not waste a minute. I think i shall take a leaf out of your book and take a breather from all the organised activity – thanks for a nudge in the right direction


  2. mummydaddyme

    Ah such a lovely post and I think it is so important to recharge the batteries and relax a bit from time to time. We are always so busy but actually I can genuinely say that the weekends that I enjoy the most are the ones where we have a lazy weekend and don’t really make any plans. It looks like you had a great time. x


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