Adventure Fun at Staunton Country Park

On a Wednesday I like to make the most of the day with J and on this occasion it was business as usual. We originally thought about going to the beach although the weather forecast was not looking promising so we decided to visit a country park instead

Staunton Country Park has a farm attached to it at an additional cost which J really loves. On this occasion I had decided not to go there and instead do one of the nature walks, as I knew there would be interactive sessions for J and some exercise for me!

We started on foot and must have walked for 10 minutes at a toddler pace when J asked to be carried. It was pretty unusual as she’s non stop and is affectionately nicknamed “a mile a minute” by my mum, but she had a busy week and it was a fair walk ahead of us

I decided that I really didn’t want to carry her around the whole route and instead we nipped back to the car for the pushchair. She stayed in it for a large part of the route, getting out to look at the interactive elements on our ‘adventure walk’ as I called it

First stop was a rather tall tree. J promptly said “mummy take photo of me at enourmous tree” and quickly ran over to it. I was in shock for a couple of reasons, the word enormous was used in the right context and J actually asked for a photo to be taken. She then ran back to me at a speed and asked to see the picture. Looks like I have a mini photographer or model in the making!

At the 'enormous' tree
At the ‘enormous’ tree
Showing me another super big tree!
Showing me another super big tree!

After a quick play in one of the parks we walked for a bit and saw some sheep in the field by one of the scuptures and stopped to say hello but as expected, they weren’t interested in us and ran off. It looks like I took a wonky photo but it’s actually the building which is wonky…honest!

Having a play
Having a play
The sheep looked a little startled to see us but soon walked off

I knew the route roughly as I had taken a photo of the board map (does anyone else do that?) but it didn’t detail what sculptures and what interactive sections there would be, so as soon as I saw the climbing wall my heart slightly sank

At 158cm (5ft 2) I am pretty short, and J is just shy of 1m in height (3ft 3) so is quite tall and inevitably she wanted to have a climb whilst I panicked inside wondering how on earth I would help her up (and down!) I just about managed to get her to the top of one side and she kept asking to go again, I just couldn’t as I was still recovering from the panic I’d got myself in, so made and excuse and swiftly moved on

The climbing wall, had the hubster been there it would have been fine but she is one determined little madam and wanted me to help her get to the top!
The climbing wall, had the hubster been there it would have been fine but she is one determined little madam and wanted me to help her get to the top!
One of the beautifully carved trees
One of the beautifully carved trees on the walk

We found “the giants chair” and “the giants telephone” which followed on nicely from the other week at Furzey Gardens. J and I sat for a bit and snuggled before trekking off again and finding a very nice blackberry bush. I tried my best to find a decent blackberry and as soon as I did she wolfed it down. We might have to go for a little wander for some and make some blackberry and apple crumble soon!

"The giants telephone"
“The giants telephone”
Before we had a snuggle on "the giants chair". She is such a big girl but is so small compared to this seat
Before we had a snuggle on “the giants chair”. She is such a big girl but is so small compared to this seat
I really like this shot of her peering through, I don't know why but i do
I really like this shot of her peering through, I don’t know why but I do
Check out those curls
Check out those curls

We continued walking and found a few more items to complete our adventure walk before coming to the lake. It really is the focal point of Staunton Country Park and we sat for  little bit watching to see if we could find frogs. We didn’t on this occasion but it was nice to rest

Casually watching the lake for wildlife
Casually watching the lake for wildlife

J found this old tree stump and quickly ran up to it and sat on it. In the photo she’s actually singing to me “I’m the queen of the castle, you’re the dirty rascal”

The finger point gives the song away
The finger point gives the song away doesn’t it?

We decided to settle for a picnic as the walk had finished and J ran off up the hill and climbed some more tree stumps. As soon as we sat down to eat the wasps decided to join us again and despite every effort to pack foods that would deter them they kept coming to “say hello”

Thankfully (ish) not even a full sandwich in to our picnic it started to rain heavily so thankfully we were close to the car so we quickly packed up and had a “car picnic”. J absolutely loves car picnics, it really is one of her favourite things. I sit in the back with her and we play Disney music and have a really nice time talking about where we’ve just been. Here’s to another wonderful Wednesday adventure with my girly

car picnic time!
car picnic time!



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14 thoughts on “Adventure Fun at Staunton Country Park

  1. chloelifeunexpected

    I love this place, it looks so beautiful. I love the magic of the giants telephone and the giants chair and that tree really is ENORMOUS! How cute that she wanted to have her picture taken next to it too. This sounds like such a beautiful day out with just the two of you. I love your pictures, you’ve really captured some precious moments. I love the one of her just chilling on the bridge. So sweet! 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather x


  2. Jenny Eaves

    Such cute photos of J! She really is determined if she wanted to climb up to the top of the wall! I love all the sculptures too, that tree is amazing. I can see why you like that particular photo of J, the composition with the circle is great, but to the top it off j looks incredibly sweet looking through it. A shame it began to rain at the end of the walk, but at least you could have a wonderful picnic in the car.
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Zara - Mojo Blogs

    Those sculptures are fantastic! I think I should be adding this on to our list of things to do. Such gorgeous photos too, little J is not wrong about the size of that tree either – it’s massive! Such a shame it rained at the end but what a lovely day you’d had till then! Lovely post. x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    It looks like you had a great time out exploring the forest with your girlie, I don’t think there’s a kid that would say no to an adventure walk. That tree’s massive, so sweet that she asked for her photo to be taken and her use of the word enormous. Car picnics sound like a lovely way to have lunch, a great reason for it to rain more! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


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