Just Keep Cycling…

Last week I decided to purchase a new bike and trailer. Partly for a commute, partly for health, and partly because I wanted to be able to take J out on my own on the bike, whether to nursery or to a country park, or even the shops. I just wanted the freedom that the car doesn’t always give me

My commute from work by car is variable as well, sometimes it will take me 20 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes (and more!) and that doesn’t include childcare stops! More recently (even in the school holidays) it’s taken in excess of 30 minutes and is ridiculous, so after a bit of persuasion and some lengthy discussions the hubster and I agreed to purchase a new bike for me

I opted for a single trailer and a hybrid bike to replace my upright mountain bike. The hubster wasn’t particularly happy with me choosing a trailer over a bike seat but I’m not the most stable on the bike at the best of times, add in a toddler to the mix and there was a real potential for a fall (I’m also very accident prone!)

As it turns out it was a great idea and after a whizz around with it on my bike and with J in the back the hubster is converted too – to the point he has removed the seat from his bike and has taken her out on the trailer a couple of times

The day we picked up the trailer he was pretty wary of me having J in the back, and even followed me in the car on the way home after collecting the bike to make sure we were okay (we were fine!)

Testing it out shortly after picking it up
Testing it out shortly after picking it up

We picked up the bike on the Monday and by the end of Sunday I had ridden 26 miles! The most exercise I have done in a long time! That includes a round trip to and from work and childcare for J one day in the week. Moving from an upright bike with mountain bike tyres to a sturdy hybrid has been really quite amazing and J even fell asleep in the trailer on the way home

She was babbling all the way home, which was a bit hard to hear by the busy roads but all of a sudden it went silent and I was a little freaked out! She was sound asleep
She was babbling all the way home, which was a bit hard to hear by the busy roads but all of a sudden it went silent and I was a little freaked out! She was sound asleep

I had a real sense of achievement once I completed the ride home after work, and I feel so much more alive and energetic. J is also chuffed to bits with her new “bike seat” and is showing everyone that comes round our house and asks to go out on it on a routine basis. The hubster has even got his bike out and we’ve been to a couple of local parks and for a 5 mile ride on Sunday as a family

Although the summer is nearing to an end and we have had the most horrific weather this week (it’s August…I should be in shorts and t-shirts…not wellies!) I really am looking forward to more time out with my girly, my family and getting healthier and fitter at the same time, and making my contribution to the environment, it can’t be bad!

Out on a Friday night (get us!) to the park!
Out on a Friday night (get us!) to the park!

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10 thoughts on “Just Keep Cycling…

  1. thriving with twins

    This looks like really good fun! I’m saving up to buy myself a bike and hopefully they make twin bike trailers! I wonder if they have reclining seats as if my two would nap in there it would be the best thing ever!! You’ve inspired me to save a little quicker! #whatevertheweather


    • sherry

      The one we purchased didn’t recline but there was a double. J’s head kept moving down as she fell asleep which was cute but made me a bit worried. I honestly love the trailer and people are so nice to you on the road and paths giving way x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenny

    Ooh, now I really can’t decide what to get for our bikes! We have the same mountain bikes we got as teenagers (ahem, a loooong time ago now) and are getting new bikes for Christmas. I was thinking about getting a bike seat for A, but I was a bit wobbly with it when we used them in Italy, maybe I should go for the trailer instead? Is it quite light to pull? Are you worried about her on the roads? Well done you for getting so much exercise too, excellent purchase!
    Thanks for living up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • sherry

      I honestly haven’t noticed the difference in general pulling her along normal routes, although when I go uphill I notice it a bit! My commute and the routes we have done so far are generally cycle routes although I have been on the road a few times with her. On those occasions the drivers have been so much more cautious and give you so much more space (normally they drive so close to me!) I’m half tempted to use it when she’s not in there because of it 😉 Hubster would recommend the bike trailer and has completely removed the bike seat and attachments now x


  3. chloelifeunexpected

    Oh my gosh I can’t believe how far you went! You have so much more stamina than me! I am desperate to get a new bike and a little trailer for Evie to go in. It looks so cute!!!! I’d love to go on little family bike rides with one of these. Did you find them quite stable on corners? Are the baby seats really secure? Thank you so much for linking this up to #whatevertheweather x


    • sherry

      They weren’t bad at all on corners, the only time I really noticed them was when I used traffic islands as some didn’t quite fit the length of the bike and trailer but it only meant moving my bike forwards a notch and turning it. I found it really good, although I did worry about her bum so put a cushion on the bottom of the seat! My only regret is not getting it sooner x


  4. mumofthreeboys

    Brilliant! We have a bike that our boys call the ‘golden bike’. It has a trailer bike that the 8 year old sits on and a saddle on the cross bar that the 4 year old sits on. They love going out just for a ride around the block on it. Love the family photo 🙂


  5. Coombe Mill

    I’m always out on my bike, I love the freedom cycling gives you. I would definitely have a little trailer if mine were still little, they can all cycle with me now though. It’s great that you’re enjoying your new bike, I just got one too and it’s amazing compared to the last one I had. J looks very content in her trailer, it’s great that she’s so comfortable in it that she fell asleep! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


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