Ladybug Letters – 2 years and 9 months

Dear J

We are into September! The nights are starting to close in and its starting to take a while before the morning sun rises. With that comes a lie in from you (7am starts on the weekends as opposed to 6am so that’s not all bad, I just wish August hadn’t been so wet!)

We’ve had such a busy year and are going to have a really busy September October and November so in August I just wanted us to take a step back and enjoy some family time this month, which we really did and it’s made us a happier, closer household as a result. Your daddy constantly thinks something is wrong with me on a Saturday and Sunday when I am still in my pyjamas at 9am instead of being dressed and ready to run out the door (which I have done pretty much every weekend since we met), but it’s been much needed

Your counting and talking is just getting better and better and you have also started to referring to a couple of children from nursery as your ‘best friends’ and even called your cousin Lyra your best friend this month, which resulted in both your daddy and I looking at each other with shock whilst melting inside

What have we done this month?

The big news is that I got a new bike and trailer which you absolutely love. You’ve been so excited to go out in it and it’s given us a real burst of energy and want for exercise in and out the house

Baking has featured quite a bit in the house, mostly with daddy, but it was your granddads birthday at the end of August so we made him a cookie monster cake (well, I mostly made it and you ate the mixture!) but it was good fun

We’ve been to West Wittering, to a splash park, lots of local parks and Staunton Country Park for an Adventure Walk. The West Wittering days are always long, we are one of the first there and one of the last to leave but have an awesome time nonetheless. I’m sad to say the windbreakers have gone away for this year, but we’ve made some fabulous memories and sandcastles, and witnessed a beautiful sunset on the last visit there

We also visited Alverstoke which is near Portsmouth and has an outdoor splash park and a stony beach. I’ve never been there but it was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great time before stopping off at my cousins house for dinner

Our good friends from York came to the South for a visit and we caught up with them a couple of times which is always weird because you just disappear with the children and we feel a little lost without you nearby. We went swimming with them in Guildford and we also went to a place called Gravity Force which is indoor trampolines. Your daddy made a bit of a boo-boo on this particular visit as it was for over 4’s and we got you so hyped up on the way over there that when they said you were too young because it wasn’t a toddler session he got really upset. I took over and you and I sat and looked after our friends 9 month old baby – “the most important job ever” I told you…it certainly got your mind off the trampolining disaster by daddy!

BBQ’s have also been a big part of the month, with a visit to my cousins house, beach BBQ’s and a friends house at the very end of the month. Every time I say we are going for a BBQ you always ask if it’s at our good friends’ house CJ’s and DC’s, which is very cute but we haven’t been there in August!

Sunset at West Wittering on the way home form the last visit there this year. I have another beautiful sunset shot from our last summer visit there in 2014, it seems to be the thing I do!
On our first ever trip out on the bike and trailer – you even fell asleep on the way home from childcare one night which was adorable
At a nearby park after a bike ride
At Alverstoke with your new pushchair (lent to us by my cousin for our holiday!)
At Alverstoke with your ‘new pushchair’ as you call it (lent to us by my cousin for our holiday!)
Cookie monster cake!
Cookie monster cake!

What’s been my favourite moment?

You have developed a love of dancing and are starting to sing along to songs. When I say dancing it’s really jumping around like a hooligan and waving your arms in the air but it’s just adorable. We have stepped up the Disney magic in the house as it’s not long until we venture to Florida and you will always hear Disney Princesses or the Disney soundtrack playing (although I tell your daddy it’s for you I also really love listening to Disney music!)

Your absolute favourite is ‘it’s a small world’ which is probably the most annoying one out there and you literally jumped down from the table the other day when it came on and started bobbing around the kitchen! It’s just lovely listening to you trying to sing along to ‘let it go’ from Frozen too, you’re turning into a real little girl

We have purchased bubble bath for the first time since you were a baby and one Wednesday morning it was raining heavily so we stayed in, did a bit of colouring and then decided to have a daytime bath. It makes it more fun and more of an activity and I actually took one of my favourite photos of you this month in the bath

Beautiful girly
Beautiful girly, I just love this picture


What’s been difficult?

It would appear we have a little madam on our hands. I’ve often heard the phrase ‘threenager’ and it seems to fit the bill at the moment. You are starting to push the boundaries and quite often you will tell us to stop doing something (usually something we have told you to stop doing previously)

It’s reminding your daddy and I that we need to be consistent and fair with you, but also to remind you that you are not in charge and our words are final. Some things just aren’t negotiable, and the ‘1, 2, 3’ countdown we do means that when we get to 3 we won’t keep counting, we will follow through with our request however you are desperately trying to test us

(The word of the month for us is consistency!)

Although this isn't about what's been difficult this month this picture is you beating the daylight out of some biscuits for baking! I nearly got caught and you have a mighty right hook!
Although this isn’t about what’s been difficult this month this picture is you beating the daylight out of some biscuits for baking! I nearly got caught and you have a mighty right hook!

What has made me laugh?

When you are at the park with Lexi you two just make me laugh and smile. You run around together and just have THE best time. Lexi and you have been playing with the frisbee and Lexi quite often ends up with it round her head and bouncing around with you in hysterics

When I’m at work on Wednesday night we do a quick FaceTime before bed and one particular Wednesday you refused to tell me you loved me to the moon and back (which usually you say) so after I said goodnight you and your daddy recorded a video to send to me. You both said goodnight to me, and you were copying everything your daddy said, including ‘love you mummy’ until he said ‘to the moon and back’ to which you responded ‘I not love you mummy’ with the cutest cheekiest smile on your face. He was trying to trick you to say it but you weren’t having any of it. That will teach him haha!

My girls sat still (!!!) on a walk
Lots of laughter, happiness and giggles all round this month
With your daddy, you are growing very close and in this picture you were singing ‘I’m the king of the castle’ to me with daddy

What has made me cry?

On one of our chilled out weekends we got the crayons out and decided to do some drawing. You drew a balloon, pretty much perfectly! I was shocked, amazed and incredibly proud and it bought a tear to my eye. I try not to read milestones and comparisons because I believe every child grows and develops at their own pace but I am sure that’s ahead of time!  Only a few days later did you draw a perfect (!!) smiley face and once again bought a tear to my eye – such a soppy mum eh?

Balloon drawing
Your smiley face drawing, showing everyone your work of art, not bad eh?

What will I remember most?

Your daddy’s first attempt at baking with you. Having done this a few times with you I know full well to be organised and have everything prepared beforehand but he tried doing it on the go. You were hilarious, hands in everything, trying to taste everything, and as daddy’s such a perfectionist when baking he got himself really wound up and didnt quite know what to do with himself. I didn’t get involved, I just sat there smiling. You had a second go at it the following week with him and it ran very smoothly (mainly because he was prepared and knew what to expect!)

The drawing achievements will also be one of the things I will remember this month, mainly because they came from nowhere! I will also remember the mammoth castle you and nanny made one day whilst I was at work. it’s currently sitting in pride of place in the lounge but I don’t have much more room for these gigantic structures you keep making (although they are very good!)

Your version of the Disney castle made with nanny
Your version of the Disney castle made with nanny

It’s been a good month and once again it’s passed very quickly. I can’t believe in less than 3 months you’ll be 3 years old!

Here’s one of my favourite photos of us this month. I love you my girl xxx

You have so much happiness in your face here! I had just collected you from work and your nanny had purchased you a magazine with stickers, which you promptly stuck all over me. I kept jokingly asking you to stop and you kept giggling and continuing
You have so much happiness in your face here! I had just collected you from work and your nanny had purchased you a magazine with stickers, which you promptly stuck all over me. I kept jokingly asking you to stop and you kept giggling and continuing

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