I See YELLOW Car! {Ordinary Moments Week 37 – 13/09/15}

J’s favourite colour is yellow. If you ask her a favourite food it’s “yellow”, a favourite show and she will say “yellow”, and of course, a favourite colour is always going to have a response shouted “YELLOW!” Thankfully if you ask her for a favourite animal she will say a giraffe so we are winning there for now, although a giraffe is mostly yellow!

Earlier this year we would be driving along when all of a sudden J would shout out “I see yellow car!” It used to make us jump which isn’t the best thing when you’re driving along, although as the months have gone on it’s become a bit of a game for us all, to the point that all 3 of us have mentally remembered every yellow car that is normally parked up on the commute / nursery run / visit to relatives and quite often try and shout it out before the other person in the car

J has inherited the fiercely competitive side of the hubster and me (oops) and refuses to accept defeat. She has (on rare occasions) got to the point where she’s shouted it when she hasn’t actually seen any yellow cars and I’ve had to tell her to stop cheating

It’s actually now my favourite road trip activity, and I find that there’s just the right amount of yellow cars on the road to not overwhelm the game and help encourage counting and learning. There’s also quite a few disputes when one person (usually J) thinks the others have counted a higher number than they think it should be

IMG_4175 (1)

As sad as it sounds it’s so natural to us that the hubster and I now play it when it’s just the two of us in the car. I’ve also been told my parents play it, my mother-in-law plays it and even a couple of our friends play “I see yellow car” on their commutes and travels. I have also been known to blurt it out when it’s just me in the car on my travels to work

It really has become one of the ordinary moments and on the rare occasion I forget to “play” she will undoubtedly shout it out and the score will all of a sudden be 1-0 to her. If you’re ever stuck wondering what to do on a long car journey it’s a great one to play!

It’s these daily activities that she loves doing that make me sit back and think life really is actually one big game and one big adventure

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5 thoughts on “I See YELLOW Car! {Ordinary Moments Week 37 – 13/09/15}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Haha so cute and this made me laugh because we have the same thing when it comes to airplanes. We always try to spot them in the car and LL always cheats and says she has seen one when she hasn’t. 😉

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