Home, Tired and Proud {Ordinary Moments Week 41 – 11/10/15}

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After an amazing 3 weeks away as a family we are home, slightly (very) jet lagged, slightly sun kissed and slightly apprehensive about Monday and the week ahead. The last 3 weeks feel like a long, happy dream and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to head back to the madness that is our weekly routine. It’s the longest time we have had off together since J was born and I am certain it will be some time again before we have that amount of time off as a family

We had our first ever flight with J and in typical Cook fashion we didn’t do it by half and went long haul to Florida. I was so concerned about that initial flight out; 9 hours, confined with a toddler who loves nothing more than to run around and be free, but J was fantastic and made me so proud. It is perhaps the most feared part of any parent’s holiday – long, drawn out travel, but J sat well, played games, coloured, looked at the clouds outside the window and even fell asleep on the floor under our feet

Asleep on the floor on the way out. A grainy iPhone photo but we didn't want the flash on
Asleep on the floor on the way out. A grainy iPhone photo but we didn’t want the flash on

The way home she was just as good. Considering it was the end of the holiday, she was overtired and running around like a crazed child in the airport she was once again the perfect little girl on the flight. We could tell she was getting tired after a delay in boarding, and when we found out there would be a second delay after we had boarded the plane the hubster sang her to sleep and she stayed asleep through take off and for most of the flight home, only waking as we entered UK aerospace

Heading home and fast asleep as we took off
Heading home and fast asleep as we took off
J really loved taking her own suitcase with her at the airport
J really loved taking her own suitcase with her at the airport

I’m still digesting the holiday, the memories and the photos but right now all I can say is I am so proud to call J my daughter. It may sound cheesy but I have returned with a different outlook on my family, my priorities and the balance needed to make us continue to be as close as we have been the last 3 weeks and I am counting down the days, minutes and hours until we are together as a family unit exploring the world once more

With my 2 favourite people
With my 2 favourite people

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  1. Ah this is lovely and it sounds like you had an amazing holiday. We have only done one long haul holiday with the girls and I was dreading it but they were as good as gold on the flight. We are due to fly long haul in a week or so and I am so nervous- I hope they are as good as they were the last time. They do make you so proud when they take things so well don’t they? x

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  2. Thought I’d come and find your blog after you commented on mine regarding the Florida holiday! Sounds like she was such a good girl on the flight, it’s always a worry isn’t it, flying for that long with a crazy energetic toddler! xx

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  3. What a really lovely post. Your girl is gorgeous and she sounds like she behaved so well on the flight – not an easy feat for a toddler! Thank you so much for linking to #PoCoLo – be round to read this weeks post soon! x


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