Halloween Quiz Night {Ordinary Moments Week 44 – 1/11/15}

Since 2010 we’ve had an annual quiz night at our house with friends and family. These became very popular with requests for more than once a year but we pretty much settled on linking it with Halloween and fancy dress

Last year the hubster decided to introduce theming to the quiz and active task based elements. The theme in 2014 was a ‘prison break’ and we ended up being handcuffed together and doing various prison type tasks. The winners got to perform an ‘actual prison break’

This year we were only planning on a Halloween quiz but there was a surprise mid-year quiz on my 30th birthday weekend away which was themed heroes and villains with an awesome scavenger hunt!

These are definitely not your conventional quiz and there’s a variety of elements to suit all types of people so you don’t have to have a great background in general knowledge. A few years back I went trick or treating in my road as part of a challenge which posed for some interesting conversations when I next saw my neighbours

This Halloween quiz saw 11 people arriving in awesome fancy dress ready to start the night with the hubster leading it. I love how much effort everyone puts in! The boys were given team captain titles and were able to pick their team members. I ended up with DC as the captain which was good because last year we were robbed of our chance of victory and we wanted revenge for losing at a quiz last year (well, we wanted to win!)

All 12 of us, including the hubster, ready to start the night ahead
All 12 of us, including the hubster, ready to start the night ahead

Originally I thought he was iron man, then star wars (?!?!?!) then I gave up, it was Guardians of the Galaxy - I was soon forgiven for my stupidity after I explained I hadn't seen it before!
Originally I thought he was iron man, then star wars (?!?!?!) then I gave up, it was Guardians of the Galaxy – I was soon forgiven for my stupidity after I explained I hadn’t seen it before!

The theme this year was an asylum, we were all ‘admitted’ during the first few minutes and the hubster played the role of psychiatrist. Each team received ‘medication’ (vitamins) for every element of the quiz they won or lost and the winners of the evening would be those with the fewest pills meaning they were the most ‘normal’ of the group and least suitable to stay in the asylum. We named our team Cuckoo Cuckoo after ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ which we felt was apt!

Round one started and it was a selfie scavenger hunt (a list of items to collect a selfie with), including a Mercedes, a photo of a team member at height, a play park, a conker, flour in your face and even a selfie with a coop member of staff – all within a 20 minute timeline! Thankfully this was at the beginning of the night and we hadn’t had any drinks and I’m pleased to say Cuckoo Cuckoo won the scavenger selfie round collecting as many selfies as we could of various items from the list

At one point there was a beetlejuice (me) and a witch (SS) running past a pub being cheered on until we got to the coop. Selfie achieved with a perplexed member of staff as we were the third group in to do it

Under table selfie
Under table selfie

Park photo
Park photo

Throughout the evening we had a music round (my favourite), a general knowledge round and a gambling round that saw team members betting whether people could plank for 2 minutes or not. A food round mid-evening saw us tying strawberry laces together before munching on them as fast as we could and around 11pm we had an egg and spoon race that saw us running up and down the road in a relay manner as quiet as possible – again attracting weird looks from neighbours arriving home

We can see that over the next few years the quiz will change form, more and more people want to attend and my house just isn’t big enough so we will probably hire a hall which everyone has offered to contribute to. Those of us with children in the group know that in a few short years they will be of an age where they will want to join in and that will also change the dynamics but I can’t see it being in a bad way

A few of us are competitive (with CJ and I being the most) but it’s such a good atmosphere and so much fun. All in all a great night was had and I’m looking forward to the next event! We really are a bunch of grown up kids in their 20’s and 30’s and people are usually a bit shocked when we tell them what we get up to but I for one am on countdown to the next one

My team won the quiz overall…hurrah! The Cooks Cabin trophy winners once more!

Winners! Team Cuckoo Cuckoo were victorious
Winners! Team Cuckoo Cuckoo were victorious

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Quiz Night {Ordinary Moments Week 44 – 1/11/15}

  1. mummydaddyme

    Oh wow this looks so so so much fun, what a fantastic thing to do every year. I wish we did one or someone from our family did. I bet it is such a great evening. I love all the costumes too. x


  2. Carie

    Oh that sounds absolutely hilarious – especially the selfies with coop staff – it’s the kind of tradition that will be such a part of the children’s childhood memories you have to get a hall and keep it running – it’s too good an idea not to!


  3. Mary @TheHeartyLife

    Erm Hello – can I join your friendship group please? This looks epic and so amazing! What a great bunch you are and how much fun it all sounds. Deffs should keep an annual thing, regular things loose the excitement xx #ordinarymoments


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