Ladybug Letters – 2 years and 11 months

Dear J

This is my last letter to you as a 2 year old as we are now in your birthday month of November. In a few short weeks I will be a mummy to a 3 year old. That really has just flown by and I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to say I’m mum to a 3 year old

We now pick you up from nursery when it is dark and I just hate it. Autumn is my most favourite month of the year although when the clocks change and it starts to have a Winter feel in the air my thoughts start moving to Spring, although I don’t want to be wishing life away!

The beginning of October saw us spend more time as a family unit in Florida. I absolutely loved spending 3 whole weeks with you, the most since I returned to work after maternity leave. I’m still yet to record those memories on this blog properly but all I can say is I am so proud and honoured to be your mummy, you were the perfect child

We were also worried about returning you to nursery and falling back into our busy schedules after 3 weeks of disruption but on your first day in nursery you walked off without issues after saying goodbye to me. I was a little sad but also very relieved!

What have we done this month?

Florida obviously played a big part of the month, with several trips to Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs. Early in the holiday we purchased you a Duffy bear teddy and you and him have been inseparable ever since. When we found out that Duffy was going to be leaving Epcot early October we just had to get you to meet him in ‘real life’. It was well worth it, the look on your face as soon as you saw him was priceless, amazement and pure excitement at the same time

You really enjoyed the rides and in particular the Test Track which you went on with daddy 5-6 times and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train which we sang along to every time we went on it. We were so worried we wouldn’t be able to get on the ride but found out we could get single person fast passes and take you on with us as our plus one. We are so pleased we managed to achieve it, the best ride I’ve been on for a long time!

We have picked pumpkins, carved them and made a butternut squash mac and cheese which I really enjoyed but you weren’t so fond of. Most days in October you have asked if we can go and pick a pumpkin and carve it, and I have been happy to oblige

We fell back into our routines pretty quickly but have made a real point of getting out and enjoying the October sun. The summer was hideous and although we wander about in wellies and jumpers you just can’t beat it. It was so clear that you missed your Lexi whilst being away and you insist on taking her out for a walk most days, and more than once on the weekend!

The last few days of October you weren’t quite yourself. A few rough nights and a possible virus saw us cancel a trip to see friends and we have kept a close eye on you. You’ve never been a cuddly child through the day but the last days of October all you wanted to do is snuggle up to us and rest

My lovely family
Enjoying the autumn sun
Family photo (Duffy included) in Florida
You and daddy on the car ride
You and daddy on the Test Track car ride
You and Duffy, looking pleased as punch

What’s been my favourite moment?

5 simple words – I taught you to swim

We had a couple of chilled out family days in Typhoon Lagoon towards the end of the holiday and on one of these days we went to the small pool away from the crowds and you and I spent some quality time together and I showed you how to move your arms and kick to swim

You were wearing a lifejacket but you did it and swam from one side of the pool to the other. I stood watching with tears in my eyes and quickly called your daddy over who did pretty much the same. You were so pleased with yourself and kept wanting to practice and also do it round the lazy river, which again we were more than happy to do

Our plan is to continue this process of swimming with you and keeping your confidence up in the water but a huge milestone overall

My water baby
My water baby. I am so proud of you

What’s been difficult?

Going back to work. My first week back was hideous. Not because of the people, but because I was away from you and your daddy after so many lovely days together. I so desperately want to achieve the balance that I feel I am missing since we returned to England. You don’t seem to mind or notice, you’re just happy to see us and tell us all about your day at nursery (your handovers are getting as good as the staff!) and spend your evenings wanting to cook with us, carve a pumpkin or just watch the Grinch

Loving your pumpkins
Loving your pumpkins

What has made me laugh?

You have started to dress up. You weren’t under your bed the other day and pulled every one of your fancy dress outfits out and proceeded to put them all on consecutively. I heard a cry for help and came running in from the bathroom to see you stood there walking like a marshmallow but with no head on show as it had got stuck in the masses of dresses! I had quite a chuckle with you. Your sense of humour is brilliant and without fail you make me laugh every day

Smiles and happiness

What has made me cry?

Leaving our holiday and returning to routine hasn’t been good and I was particularly emotional and cried a bit during the first week because I wanted to be back as a family unit without a care in the world

From a happy tear perspective, it’s all about the holiday, so many amazing moments and so many memories. I don’t think I could possibly narrow it down to one thing, just the holiday of a lifetime with those closest to me

What will I remember most?

I’ll also remember you saying “err, we don’t do that to our friends” whenever we did something you would normally get told off for at nursery. That’s what they say to the children quite a bit and you tried it as well on holiday. Funny but that’s not continued since returning!

The 19 nights away in Florida, seeing your face light up when seeing Pluto and Mickey, talking to Anna and Elsa, watching you grow with confidence and language and make a transition from toddler to child. I know technically you’re still a toddler but you’re becoming so grown up and you’re communicating better every day

One of the days we chilled out as a family and we went to one of the Disney resorts and had roasted marshmallows on the campfire, sang songs, saw Chip and Dale and watched Tangled. I wish I could bottle that feeling and moment up forever, pure contentment and happiness with my family, just enjoying the simple things in our favourite location

Roasting marshmallows
Roasting marshmallows on the campfire with daddy
Daisy Duck in Disney on our last day there
Princess Anna putting your hairband back on
Us with Mickey Mouse on our last day in Florida
One of our chilled out days in Celebration

Here’s one of my favourite photos of us this month. I love you my girl (my 2 year old girl…) xxx


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