A Cookie in New York Part 2 {Ordinary Moments Week 45 – 8/11/15}

I’m writing this a lot sooner than I thought, having already been to New York once this year in March. It’s only a short visit, a quick stopover before I transit to warmer climates for 5 days but I wanted to once again make the best of the time I had in the Big Apple

This time round I’m travelling solo, the first time in seven years. It’s an unusual feeling and experience, I passed through security with no meltdowns, no panic and no stress (due to not having a toddler in tow and having not lost my passport in the X-ray machine this time!)

I had a peaceful wait in Heathrow with a costa and my phone until I heard last call for my flight – at which point I panicked! Time had got away from me and I somehow I missed the original calls for seating on the plane. Slightly flustered, I realised I wasn’t the only one and myself along with 25+ others made our way onto the plane

The flight was an 8 hour one although it seemed to go on forever. I slept, watched a film, read a trashy mag (my guilty pleasure when travelling) and still was left with an hour to go!

When I finally got there and retrieved my luggage I got a cab into Manhattan ready to start my adventure as a one (wo)man band in New York. Getting there at 1pm I thought I’d have to drop my bags off and return but my room was ready which was good so a quick change and freshen up and off I went

People think I’m mad because I want to walk everywhere but I love it. It means I get to explore areas and see the sights. I made a decision to head to the high line (a disused railway line turned into an open green space) and walk there from the hotel and through Times Square


Radio City Christmas tree seen on my travels


Madison Square Garden – no games on during my visit unfortunatley


On my walk from the hotel to the High Line I managed to miss the 30th street entrance and ended up joining in 23rd street. I have to say it was pretty cool being able to do it and seeing how they’ve turned a disused railway track into an area of green. They’ve integrated man made and natural elements and included street art into the line. It was pretty busy and there were quite a lot of people present but totally worth doing. There’s a lot of art, view of the Hudson River and New Jersey. Although busy it was pretty tranquil and I would definitely recommend it as something to do

The green areas are protected with rope to try and preserve it – I guess because of the amount of people using the open space


High Line art


High Line art. Some was purposely created for the High Line, others just on walls of buildings facing it


Empire State from the High Line


View of the High Line


I love my bridge camera the hubster gave me for my birthday. Last time I came I took my SLR which I love but was bulky for the walking and exploration. In the distance is the Statue of Liberty which you will see up close in the next image


And here it is


Viewing platform from the High Line


More street art


I just love this picture. I think it sums up the High Line perfectly. A mixture of man made and natural elements


View of New Jersey from the High Line


The end at 14th street in the Meat Packing District

After getting off at 14th street 10th ave where it finishes I decided to take the subway and save a 60 minute walk back to Times Square and my hotel. This was actually a big thing for me, I struggle sometimes with confidence on public transport and having briefly looked beforehand I was a little confused and knowing me thought I’d end up in Brooklyn or the Bronx instead of Times Square!

I spoke to a couple of New Yorkers for help (one on using the ticket machine, and one in the subway telling me where to get off!) who were super nice and really helpful and I managed it. It sounds stupid but as I got off I wanted to fist punch the air for overcoming a fear and was so chuffed with myself


Of course I had to take a picture of the subway station to form part of my adventure

I stopped in Times Square and as always, a trip to the m&ms store for the family and some almond m&ms -yum! Before heading for an iced coffee and some dinner at the hotel

I’m never sure what to make of Times Square. It’s always full of people, mostly tourists, and is incredibly busy, but you can’t fault it for the lights, screens and atmosphere


Times Square

My hotel was opposite the Rockefeller centre and plaza and st Patrick’s cathedral. The 7th floor terrace restaurant gave me a beautiful view of the two areas and enabled some pretty cool photos. The Christmas tree had just been erected in Rockefeller plaza and the ice rink was also there. It was a beautiful sight so instead of heading in for an early night I decided to venture out again and take photos. Again, this was a big thing for me, heading out at night on my own, but it was just over the road so not too bad


St Patricks Cathedral


Rockefeller Plaza


Rockefeller Plaza ice rink


One of my colleagues told me the Christmas tree was being erected in Rockefeller Plaza so I had to visit and have a look. Its gigantic!


Pretty tree ligts


More lights at the Rockefeller Plaza

Today I head to the airport for my flight; it’s going to be a long week ahead so once I’ve read through the documentation I need think I’ll take a well deserved snooze!

5 thoughts on “A Cookie in New York Part 2 {Ordinary Moments Week 45 – 8/11/15}

  1. mummydaddyme

    It sounds like a great trip Sherry and well done to you for conquering some of your nerves when it came to public transport and going out at night. I get anxious myself so I can completely understand why it was a big deal. I love New York, I stayed there (well New Jersey) for 3 weeks when I was 18 and then I went back for a few days for my 21st birthday. I would love to go again and take the girls. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • sherry

      Thank you. I would love to go for a longer break but I don’t feel like I want to take J for another 10 or so years, I don’t know why it just feels very grown up and I don’t think she’d appreciate it. Until then it’ll have to be Disney 😉


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