Home Sweet Home {Ordinary Moments Week 46 -17/11/15}

For the second time this year I’ve been away from my family for just over a week. Nothing fancy, a trip away with lots of long days and work dinners, but also a lot of travelling. A 24 hour round trip each way results in disruption to weekends and spending a lot of solitary time, mostly in airports and transit

On Friday night I arrived in Miami to an extended 6.5 hour wait for my transfer flight and to hear the horrific news unfold in Paris. There seems to be becoming a lot of this news nowadays, terror, violence, bombings to name but a few, and I found myself sitting there in solemn shock feeling for those poor people affected and involved in the situation

Like many other parents I also sat reflecting, somewhat uncertain for what our children will encounter and grow to experience in this ever changing world. All I wanted to do was get home and be with my family, to sit with them, cuddle them, and be in my surroundings which I had missed for the past week, although the return home seemed like it would never end

Finally, on Saturday afternoon at 330pm, a little dishevelled and very jet lagged, I arrived home to the biggest cuddles from J, my hubster and Lexi. Instead of doing anything big we just rested in the lounge watching Paw Patrol (the latest fad) and cuddled up together

J wouldn’t let me out of her sight when I returned and since then she’s been my little shadow, helping me with a food shop, preparing dinner every night and reading the Gruffalo on my lap

She has also sat there every evening cuddled up to me and every so often has kissed my arm, face and snuggled in, before going back to what she was doing before or fidgeting.  This level of affection really is very unusual for her and seems to be her little way of showing me she was glad to have me back

The hubster told me that subconsciously you could tell she missed me because she cuddled and carted several teddies around whilst I was away, perhaps replacing the cuddles I would give her. Since returning this teddy requirement has eased but one thing’s for sure, it’s good to be home with my family. And that’s where I’m going to stay for quite some time


It is not the best photo in the world but one of the most recent of my family. I must take more of us as a family unit


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