The Last Days of Two {Ordinary Moments Week 48 – 29/11/15}

Tonight I put my daughter to bed as one number and tomorrow morning she will wake up another number. My girl will be a 3 year old

At some points the days felt they would never end and as I sit and reflect it feels like one big surreal dream as I realise my little girl is no longer a baby girl or in the throes of toddlerhood. She is now entering childhood with a hint of toddler within her

As as of Monday J will be 3 years old. This time 3 years ago I finished a dog walk and my waters broke. A small bundle weighing 6lbs 11oz arrived some 5 hours later on her daddy’s birthday ready to change our lives forever

At this time of year I always find myself getting super emotional, not quite sure where the last 12 months have gone and I quite often sit and remember the tiny baby with super long legs in my arms. These long legs have remained one of her biggest features and my baby is now a struggle to cuddle in one arm, but is a walking, talking, lovely little girl who I cannot be more proud of

We came away to Somerset for the weekend to somewhere I took the hubster for his 30th and although it’s rained pretty much non stop we’ve had an amazing time. We celebrated J’s birthday on Saturday, conscious we would have a long drive home on her actual birthday and I’m so glad we did, it was such a lovely day with the hot tub, swimming and unwrapping of presents

The last 12 months have been kind, challenging and amazing, the last few days of J being 2 have been perfect. We drive back home on Monday morning with some great memories and sniffly noses

Happy 3rd birthday to my darling daughter, here’s to another amazing 12 months

30th November 2012, a few hours old

1st birthday photo

2nd birthday photo

Celebrating J’s 3rd birthday on Saturday. Where have those 3 years gone?


6 thoughts on “The Last Days of Two {Ordinary Moments Week 48 – 29/11/15}

  1. imeverymum

    Aww it all goes so quick. Lovely to see the photo progressions. Our youngest just turned 2, it flies by doesn’t it? Hope you had an amazing weekend celebrating and tomorrow (today, I’m 5am now) is a special day for you all xxx #theordinarymoments

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